Bookish Item | Least Favorite Books of 2018

We’ve been sharing some of our absolute favorite books we read this year and there were A LOT! Over the course of the past two weeks or so we posted lists with our favorite backlist books and our favorite 2018 releases, but unfortunately not all the books I read were favorites. I know my reading tastes quite well, so I usually pick up books I do enjoy. But every now and then there are some books that really disappoint me. Luckily there aren’t nearly as much books on this list as there were on my favorite lists. But I did end up rating 3 books with 2 stars this year, and I have 5 more that I rated 3/3,5 stars that I was expecting to rate much higher. So let’s take a look at my most disappointing reads in 2018. Continue reading “Bookish Item | Least Favorite Books of 2018”