Wishlist Wednesday | Most Anticipated May 2024 Releases

A third of the year is just about over! How is that possible?!? April was a month filled with many amazing new releases. Will May be the same? We’re about to find out, because today we want to talk about our most anticipated May releases! What books are we excited about? Keep on reading to find out!

Sweet Nightmare – Tracy Wolff (May 7th)

I still have two books to read in Tracy Wolff’s Crave series, but I’ve loved what I’ve read so far! Sweet Nightmare is the first book in the spin off series and takes place at a deadly academy for rogue paranormals. I’m intrigued!

The Return of Ellie Black – Emiko Jean (May 7th)

Two years after the disappearance of Ellie Black she suddenly resurfaces but won’t give any real answers as to what happened to her. The main character, detective Chelsey Calhoun, is investigating the case while dealing with her memories of her sister who disappeared twelve years before. Sounds like a mystery I will really enjoy.

This Summer Will Be Different – Carley Fortune (May 7th)

I’ve read Carley Fortune’s two other books and I’ve enjoyed them. There have been some mixed reviews, but I didn’t think they were bad. This Summer Will Be Different seems to be a best friend’s brother’s romance? All I know is that I’ll be giving it a try.

Five Broken Blades – Mai Corland (May 7th)

Five liars and killers come together to commit treason and kill the God King Joon. They have to work together and trust each other, but in the end only one can take the crown. Sounds like a book filled with betrayal! I’m already excited haha.

The Honey Witch – Sydney J. Shields (May 14th)

I have to start off by saying the cover of The Honey Witch is stunning! The story also has me curious. The Honey Witch must life with the curse of never finding their true love. I have a feeling it’s not going to stay this way with the newest honey witch.

Puzzleheart – Jenn Reese (May 14th)

A MG mystery with a house with a mind of its own, sounds pretty intriguing to me! It sounds like there will be a lot of puzzles within this fun and cute middle grade read. The main character is non-binary, a logical thinker and lover of science.

The Five Year Lie – Sarina Bowen (May 14th)

Sarina Bowen is an author I know that writes sports romances and has written quite a few I’ve enjoyed. The Five Year Lie is her first thriller I believe. When it comes to thrillers I don’t really read the synopsis, so I can’t tell you much about it.

The Paradise Problem – Christina Lauren (May 14th)

Christina Lauren is an author duo that’s written quite a few romantic comedies that I’ve loved! The Paradise Problem sounds like a great summer read and it has fake dating! Need I say more?

Love at First Book – Jenn McKinlay (May 14th)

A romance between a librarian and her favorite author’s son? Sign me up! I love bookish books and I can’t wait to get my hands on Love at First Book.

The Dixon Rule – Elle Kennedy (May 14th)

Elle Kennedy is favorite author of mine when it comes to sports romances and I loved The Graham Effect last year. That was the first book in the Off Campus spinoff and The Dixon Rule is the sequel. I’m hoping I love this one just as much as the first!

The Guncle Abroad – Steven Rowley (May 21st)

The Guncle was such an emotional, but beautiful book that I still think about 3 years later. I actually want to reread it before I start The Guncle Abroad. Patrick is off to a family wedding and to support his niece and nephew as they get used to a new normal. I’m hoping to get another heartfelt book with characters I’ve come to love.

The Main Character – Jaclyn Goldis (May 21st)

A modern homage to Agatha Christie, you already know I’m interested! The main character of The Main Character is a thriller author who hires people and after interviewing them she fictionalises them for her books. For her newest book she invites Rory on a luxury trip, along with some of Rory’s friends and family. Rory quickly realises the author has masterminded a lot of what is happening and the trip might turn deadly. I’m so curious to find out if this is as good as an Agatha Christie story!

Heavenbreaker – Sara Wolf (May 21st)

This science fiction novel sounds really cool! It has giant war machines, a Nevernight sounding need for revenge and according to reviews a look at AI and corrupt ruling classes. Sounds like a lot of fun!

So these are the May releases we’re looking forward to picking up! Are you interested in any of these? Or did we miss any you think we need to know about? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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