Royal Update #211

We thought it was time for a fun new post every week. In the Royal Update one of us updates you about our personal life, bookish news, what we’re reading, watching and listening to and anything else that might apply to this post. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our personal lives and hope you think so too!

I honestly haven’t been looking forward to writing this life update. As you may have noticed, my last Royal Update didn’t get posted. The weekend before we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to the sweetest cat ever. Shasta suddenly became ill that Saturday evening and she was admitted to the animal hospital for oxygen and testing. The next day we got a call we weren’t hoping for. The prognosis gave her months at best and not pleasant ones at that. So we made the difficult and devastating decision to say goodbye. It was best for her, but very sad.

It’s the little things we miss the most, like her curling up with me in the evenings while I would read on the couch. Shasta came into our lives when she was about 4 weeks old, so we all had a very special bond with her. Her sister is still here to give us cuddles thankfully, but she will definitely be missed.

Since my last Royal Update I have received a few eARCs I’m really excited about: Funny Story, The Honey Witch, and A Letter to the Luminous Deep.

Seeing how I haven’t written a Royal Update in a month, I’m not going to list everything I’ve read. You’ve probably seen most of the books in our wrap up by now, so in this last week or so I finished reading: Dungeons and Drama, Betting on You, My Fair Brady, and The Hurricane Wars.

At the moment I’m currently reading: Do Your Worst, Ruthless Vows, and The Woman in the Library.

Next I’ll be reading: House of Flame and Shadow, A Fragile Enchantment, and The Reason I Married Him.

This week I have one cover reveal to share with you! After loving the Bright Falls trilogy, I’m so excited Ashley Herring Blake has revealed the cover to her holiday romance releasing later this year. Make the Season Bright looks like a book I’m going to love!

I recently discovered the manga A Sign of Affection when someone I follow on bookstagram reviewed the first volume. My boyfriend then told me the anime had just started. I’m a big fan of this one and I’m excited for a new episode every week.

Out here the show Sullivan’s Crossing started airing and it’s one I’ve been curious about. I watched the first two episodes and I have a feeling I’m going to love this one.

Recently I’ve been listening to different playlists. It gives me a fun mix of songs and artists that I enjoy.

So that’s my Royal Update for this week! How have you been? Have you read or seen anything amazing? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.


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