TTT #324 | Books I Meant to Read in 2023 but Didn’t Get To Part 1

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since January 2018 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is Bookish Goals for 2024 but I already posted those last month. Next weeks topic is Books I Meant to Read in 2023 but Didn’t Get To so I decided to do that one a week early as a part 1 and then Candyce can do a part 2 next week. I did do a 5 On My TBR with this prompt but I’ll try to pick 10 different books. Let’s jump in!

1. The Hexologists – Josiah Bancroft

I was super excited when I got this eARC. Josiah Bancroft’s previous series started off amazingly (I still need to continue that one) and I really enjoyed his writing. I can’t wait to actually read this one, I’m super I will love it.

2. Shanghai Immortal – A.Y. Chao

Look at that pretty cover! This adult fantasy story sounded like something I would really enjoy but unfortunately I haven’t actually picked it up just yet. Since it’s an eARC that was released in 2023 I hoped to read it around that time.

3. Mislaid in Parts Half-Known – Seanan McGuire

This is another eARC, and while this one released this January I usually do read the eARC’s for this series at the end of 2023. Or at least I have been for the past couple of released. It’s nice to have a smaller book to help with the Goodreads Reading Challenge and I like to read this one before the release date. Hopefully soon though!

4. The Archive Undying – Emma Mieko Candon

This eARC sounded really cool but I have to say that there are quite some negative reviews and I haven’t been as excited to read this one. So maybe that’s why I didn’t pick it up in 2023. This could be one I’ll use for a try a chapter tag or something.

5. Immortal Longings – Chloe Gong

I was really excited to read this adult debut by Chloe Gong. Since I still haven’t read her other series I thought it would be great to start with this newest release. Unfortunately the reviews are pretty negative. And yes I do still want to form my own opinion but it does impact my excitement a bit.

6. Assistant to the Villain – Hannah Nicole Maehrer

This was one of the last book I got new in 2023 and I have been planning on reading it ever since I ordered my copy. I love the map that’s inside, it’s hilarious, and I think I will really love this one. Hopefully I can read it in 2024!

7. The Atlas Six – Olivie Blake

This one has been on my TBR for a bit longer and I have been planning on picking it up multiple times this year. Unfortunately I still haven’t done so. I’m excited to see what the hype is been about but I’m also a bit scared it will disappoint.

8. The Cousins – Karen McManus

I did start reading this one but didn’t continue. The first bit was enjoyable and I would love to finish it. It did feel like a typical Karen McManus book and I did decide that this book will be the indication as to whether I should get more Karen McManus books in the future or not.

9. Every Exquisite Thing – Laura Steven

Another book I got more towards the end of 2023. I adore Laura Steven as a person and I also enjoy her writing a lot. This is a Dorian Gray retelling, something I think I will love. But the genre might be a bit too spooky for me. So I’m excited to see where I will fall.

10. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow – Gabrielle Zevin

I love this cover and I love the feel of my paperback. This sounds like a wonderful story, the reviews are amazing and I think it could be a great book for me. Hopefully it will live up to it’s expectations!

That was my Top Ten Tuesday for today! Some of these picks might be pretty familiar as a lot also made it to my 24 in 2024 list. I hope I will pick them up in 2024 as I was really excited to get my hands on these. So what do you think of my list? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “TTT #324 | Books I Meant to Read in 2023 but Didn’t Get To Part 1

  1. The Archive Undying – I had the same experience with The Book Eaters: it sounded like something I really wanted to read and then as time went on the bad reviews started piling up. I finally read it and LOVED it.

    The longer a book is out there to read, the more likely the not-really-interested people will read it.

    So, I say Go for it!

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