Royal Update #207

We thought it was time for a fun new post every week. In the Royal Update one of us updates you about our personal life, bookish news, what we’re reading, watching and listening to and anything else that might apply to this post. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our personal lives and hope you think so too!

Happy New Year! The first BookDutchesses post of 2024 is a fact! I’m having a wonderful Christmas break. Christmas was filled with family, food, friends and a whole lot of fun. These past days I’ve been building my Hogwarts castle while doing a marathon of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies. What a wonderful way to end the year!

No new eARC’s today, so I guess a good start to the year haha.

I’ve finished After That Night by Karin Slaughter and I’m still reading House of Sky and Breath. Crescent City 3 is almost here so this is definitely a priority. I’m not sure which book I’ll pick after that one though, maybe one from my 24 in 2024 list!

It’s been awhile since I had anything to share for the shoplog part of this post but it happened! I got a Switch lite for myself this Christmas and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s the coral one, I love the color and I have been playing on it every single day since I got it. If you have any game recommendations I would love to hear them!

I finally watched Barbie! And I also watched Rebel Moon and did a Harry Potter Marathon between Christmas and New Years Eve.

I’ve been listening to my Spotify wrapped nonstop haha. And to some of my previous years Spotify wrapped, really fun to listen to what I was obsessed with in 2018!

And that was my first Royal Update of 2024! I hope you had a great New Years Eve and a wonderful 2024.

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