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Today it’s time for my first TBR of 2024! In a few days it’ll be January, so I want to talk about the books I’m hoping to read. If you’re not new here, you know I don’t always complete my TBRs. I follow my mood or get distracted, haha. For now though, here are the books I’m hoping to read in January 2024!

Group Reads/Buddy Reads

I have quite a few group reads/buddy reads planned in January! I’m excited about all of these though.

Fly with Me – Andie Burke

Fly with Me is a fake dating romance and that’s all I needed to know to want to read it. Both of our characters use this relationship to help them in some aspect of their lives. We all know it’s going to get real and it’ll be fun to see how the characters respond to that.

The Hurricane Wars – Thea Guanzon

The Hurricane Wars is a book I’ve been saying I want to read since before it released a few months ago. To be honest I really haven’t read the synopsis, but I only know some of the tropes. I received this one for Christmas, so I can’t wait to dive in.

The Unmaking of June Farrow – Adrienne Young

As a fan of magical realism, I had to add The Unmaking of June Farrow to my TBR. I actually have an eARC of this, but didn’t get around to reading this one before the release date. Our main character is trying to solve a family’s centuries old curse. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to do.

A Magic Steeped in Poison – Judy I. Lin

A friend and I are starting our series slayers reads again for the year and first up is The Book of Tea duology. I love that it seems that tea-making is a magical art in this book. I’m curious to see how the author has created this world.

The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit will probably be one of my first reads of 2024. This was chosen for my bookclub and it’s a classic I’ve never read. It’s not a long book, so it shouldn’t take me very long.

Bonesmith – Nicki Pau Preto

A disgraced ghost-fighting warrior who has to go through a haunted wasteland to rescue a kidnapped prince. That sounds like the kind of story I’ll love. January tends to be a gray and cold month, so the perfect time for a fantasy book like this.

Ruthless Vows – Rebecca Ross

I read Divine Rivals in October with a friend of mine and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Ruthless Vows. I know that it’s already out in the US, but I have the UK edition, so I’m waiting for it to release there.



Valley Verified – Kyla Zhao

Our main character had the job she wanted, but it didn’t really turn out to be what she thought. So when another job opens up, she’s also learning some things are too good to be true and not everyone has pure intentions.

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands – Heather Fawcett

I loved Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries and I can’t wait to read more about Emily’s adventures. This is one I have on my Kindle at the moment, but I’m still debating if I want to wait for a physical copy. The last book had footnotes and those tend to be easier when reading the physical book.

Only If You’re Lucky – Stacy Willingham

I’ve loved the first two thrillers that Stacy Willingham wrote, so when I saw a new one would be releasing I knew I needed it. If I read thrillers I like to go in knowing as little as possible, so I can’t tell you what this one is about. All I know is that I’m hoping I love it as much as the other two.


Physical TBR

Once again, I’ll be choosing three random books a month from my physical TBR. This year my main focus will be shrinking my amount of unread books.

Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets – Chelsea Ichaso

I finally read Little Creeping Things by this author a couple of months ago. It was fun, but I was sad that I guessed the twist before the end, haha. Our main character in this one is trying to find out the twisted truth of her sister’s hiking accident that ended up with her in a coma.

Yellowface – R.F. Kuang

Yellowface has been on a few TBRs, but now it’s time for me to really sit down and read it. I keep hearing amazing things and I’ve seen people saying this is on their favorites list for 2023.

The Coldest Touch – Isabel Sterling

I’ve also been wanting to read The Coldest Touch for awhile. It’s one I forget about, because it’s on my bookcase in the living room and for some reason I don’t think about those as often, haha. One of our main characters knows how someone will die when she touches them. Our other main character is a vampire and has been assigned to help the other control her gift.


So this is my January TBR! Have you read any of these? Or do you plan on reading any of these? Also, what books are on your list to read next month? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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