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As I’ve mentioned before, one of my important reading goals of 2023 is shrinking my physical TBR. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what books I still have or subjects I want to read about. So we needed a way to keep track of this. 5 On My TBR is a way of keeping track. This is a meme hosted by E from Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Every week there’s a different prompt for five on my TBR.

This week’s topic is Picture. And that is a harder topic than it seems at first haha. Because what do they even mean with it? You could go so many ways I guess. To not make it impossible for myself I decided to go with books that have actual pictures in them, so prepare for 5 graphic novels and manga on my TBR. Let’s jump in!

1. Monstress vol. 4 – Marjorie M. Liu & Sana Takeda

I’m hoping to read this one pretty soon, I really enjoyed the previous volumes of this dark story. It is a bit difficult to keep all the characters straight in my mind as some look a like and have similar vibes but once I’m back into the story I know it flows well again!

2. Haikyu vol. 13 – 16 -Haruichi Furudate

I adore this manga series so so much and I can’t wait to have time and sit down with these volumes again. And I’ll probably put some more of them on my Christmas wishlist haha. I fly through these and I’m super excited to find out what happens next.

3. The Wicked & The Divine vol. 2 – Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

I enjoyed the first volume but wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the series. After finding this one for a good price I decided to give the series another go. Hopefully I’ll enjoy this one!

4. The Fix vol. 1 – Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber

I have had this one for a couple of years now, it’s still wrapped in plastic as it’s a signed edition. Since buying it I haven’t been able to take the plastic off haha. But I might have to do so soonish because I do still want to read this one!

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home – Joss Whedon & Georges Jeanty

It’s going to be a while before I read this one haha. It’s set after the Buffy tv show and I haven’t finished watching that yet….. Oops. So I first have to continue that before I want to dive into this one. I still have about 120 episodes to go so that’s going to take a while….

These are 5 (or technically 8) books on my TBR that have pictures in them! I’m excited to get to most of these and I hope to read a couple of them pretty soon. Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I found your blog through the Goodreads review you did on Contagion during 2017 and I’m so happy you’re still posting! Your review style is soo good ????

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