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As I’ve mentioned before, one of my important reading goals of 2023 is shrinking my physical TBR. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what books I still have or subjects I want to read about. So we needed a way to keep track of this. 5 On My TBR is a way of keeping track. This is a meme hosted by E from Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Every week there’s a different prompt for five on my TBR.

This week’s topic is a Halloween Freebie. So I decided to go with any creepy and eerie reads I have on my TBR. There aren’t any that come to mind right away, so let’s see which ones I find on my shelves.

1. Empire of the Vampire – Jay Kristoff

Is there anything more Halloween than vampires? I really want to read this one but I’m also still working on the Nevernight trilogy and I would like to finish that series before starting another one by the same author.

2. Monstress vol. 4: The Chosen – Marjorie M. Liu & Sana Takeda

This is a really cool graphic novel series that is also pretty creepy and dark. It has the perfect vibes for Halloween and I might just pick it up tomorrow. I haven’t been reading that much this month so it would be great to read this one to still get that Halloween feeling.

3. Every Exquisite Thing – Laura Steven

One of my last purchases, I’m super excited for this one. It’s a Dorian Gray retelling and that immediately gives me Halloween vibes. Possibly because of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s classified as a horror-thriller so I hope it’s not too scary for me haha.

4. Sawkill Girls – Claire Legrand

Talking about horror books, this one falls into that category as well. And I have to say, it might be why I still haven’t read this one yet. I’ve owned it for about 4 years now but I never started it. Overall I scare pretty easily so I have to be in the perfect mood to read a book like this.

5. Hocus Pocus & the All New Sequel – A.W. Jantha

Of course I also had to add this one! I really enjoy the Hocus Pocus movie so I also wanted to read the book with the sequel. This would also be fun to read tonight and tomorrow, although I would probably watch the movie first. Maybe a movie night this evening?

What are you reading for Halloween? And have you read any of my picks for today’s post? Let me know in the comments down below!

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