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A little while ago I used a try a chapter tag to see if I was still interested in the older eArcs I haven’t read yet. While I was excited for them when I requested them, my reading tastes have changed a bit and some of these books just aren’t for me anymore. I have not nearly enough time to spend it on books I don’t enjoy or I’m not excited about so I have to make some decisions. Let’s see what I think after the first chapter!

Blood Heir – Amélie Wen Zhao

The first chapter was pretty long but also really interesting. We get a cool opening and a lot of information about the world without it feeling like a dump of information. I enjoy the writing style and already have a ton of questions I need answered. So yes, this is definitely one I will be reading as soon as possible.

A Beginning at the End – Mike Chen

This book was released right before the Corona pandemic truly hit and I got the eARC before we even heard of corona or COVID-19. I think this one could be pretty triggering as it’s premise starts with most of the world’s population dying after a global flu pandemic. After reading both the prologue and first chapter I do think it’s pretty interesting and I like the writing style so far. I will continue reading this one for a bit longer and see how I feel after that. It looks like there are multiple POV’s so let’s see if they are enjoyable before making a decision.

The Unwilling – Kelly Braffet

After reading the first chapter I don’t know that much yet to be honest. But I do like it! I’m curious to know what happens next and I definitely want to keep on reading. This was a prologue so I might change my opinion after reading the first chapter, who knows. But for now I have a good feeling!

This doesn’t happen often I think, but I’m actually really interested in all three of these and don’t even know where to start! If you’ve read any of these I would love to hear your thoughts!

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