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My TBR is still miles long and it remains hard to make a dent in it haha. Part of my TBR consists of books by authors I already know and love. But another part consists of books by authors I haven’t read from yet. Today I wanted to talk about some of those authors I’m excited to read from. Let’s jump in!

Gabrielle Zevin

I have heard amazing things about this book and this author, I’m super excited to read Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Her other books seem to be pretty ‘old’, this was her newest release in quite some time. So I don’t think I necessarily want to pick up those older books but I will definitely keep an eye on her next work.

Olivie Blake

I caved because of all of the hype haha. But I haven’t read The Atlas Six yet. I do also have an eARC for the updated versions of two of her older books. It’s always interesting to see when there is so much hype surrounding an author especially when looking back at their older work. I’m excited to try all three of these books.

Andrea Stewart

The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart sounds like a book I would really enjoy, and since the rest of the series is already published I can get those as soon I finally read this one. Andrea Stewart also has a new series coming out in 2024 and it sounds really good. I’m super excited to see what I think of this author and I hope to read more of her work.

Tessa Gratton

Strange Grace has been on my TBR for such a long time now! And there are a lot more Tessa Gratton books I really want to read. I have really high hopes for this book but even if I don’t love it, I would like to pick up another book by Tessa to see how I feel. She has such a great sounding backlist and I really hope I will enjoy her work.

Catherynne M. Valente

Another author that has been on my TBR for awhile now, I’m super excited to read Space Opera. The sequel is releasing in 2024 so it would be great to read it before then. Catherynne M. Valente’s other work is really varied, there is middle grade fantasy but also adult horror. Some of her work sounds like something I would really like to read, other work I might skip.

Have you read anything by any of these authors? Which one would you recommend I try first? Let me know in the comments!

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