Wishlist Wednesday| Most Anticipated Releases October 2023

Another month is just about over, how is that possible?!? It does mean it’s time to look at next month’s releases. October can be a busier release month, so it’s always exciting to see what books will be hitting the shelves. Keep on reading for our most anticipated October releases!

The Homecoming War – Addie Woolridge (October 3rd)

I love rivals to lovers books and The Homecoming War seems interesting, because two schools have to merge when enrollment decreases. But can they make their schools unite? The Homecoming War sounds like a fast and fun read.

Curious Tides – Pascale Lacelle (October 3rd)

Ninth House meets A Deadly Education is all I needed to hear. It’s a dark academia fantasy with a secret society and dead classmates. I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with this one.

Wreck the Halls – Tessa Bailey (October 3rd)

Tessa Bailey tends to be a hit or miss author for me, but I loved her A Vine Mess duology this year and I was excited to see that she had a Christmas book on its way. Adult children of two rock star parents team up to get their estranged mothers to play a Christmas concert. Sounds good to me!

The Hurricane Wars – Thea Guanzon (October 3rd)

Enemies to lovers and a cool sounding magic system. I hope this one is as good as the synopsis sounds!

Wildfire – Hannah Grace (October 3rd)

I enjoyed Ice Breaker, so I was excited to see that the author had another book coming in this series. Wildfire takes place at a summer camp instead of being a sports romance. Our main characters have a one night stand and then meet each other again as camp counselors. The camp has rules about employees fraternizing, so this will get interesting.

Throne of the Fallen – Kerri Maniscalco (October 3rd)

After loving the Kingdom of the Wicked trilogy, I was very excited to see that Kerri Maniscalco had an adult fantasy romance planned in the same world. Prince Envy is one of the characters I definitely found interesting and I love that he gets his own book. Throne of the Fallen is over 500 pages and I hope to love every minute of it.

Better Hate Than Never – Chloe Liese (October 10th)

Chloe Liese has become one of my favorite authors and I’m so excited for Better Hate Than Never. Our main characters are rivals, but she admits to only being hostile, because she thinks he hates her. When that’s not the case she’s still not sure about his good guy act. I’m curious to see how this plays out.

A Holly Jolly Ever After – Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone (October 10th)

I loved A Merry Little Meet Cute last year and I’m excited to get back into some holiday romances. A Holly Jolly Ever After focuses on another member of the boy band we meet in the first book. Hopefully I love it just as much or even more than A Merry Little Meet Cute.

Sword Catcher – Cassandra Clare (October 10th)

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Cassandra Clare book but this is her first non Shadowhunters book and I’m so curious! Do I enjoy her writing outside of this world, what did she come up with? The worldbuilding for the Shadowhunters is huge so I hope the worldbuilding for this one is just as interesting!

Let’s Get Quizzical – Kelly Ohlert (October 17th)

A second chance romance on the set of a game show? That sounds like it can be like a lot of fun. I hope we get a lot of the TV show elements, because I love those elements while reading a book.

The Unmaking of June Farrow – Adrienne Young (October 17th)

I’ve been excited to read Adrienne Young’s books for a while now but still haven’t doen so unfortunately. This one includes a family’s centuries-old curse and I’m super curious about it.

Two Twisted Crowns – Rachel Gillig (October 17th)

This is the sequel to One Dark Window,  a book I still have to read haha. It’s a fantasy and it sounds pretty dark.

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date – Ashley Herring Blake (October 24th)

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care is still one of my favorite books and I’m excited that the third book in this trilogy is finally releasing. Iris is a character we’ve gotten to know in the first two book and I’m excited to see her get a happily ever after!


So those are the October releases we’re looking forward to! Have any of these made your list as well? Or are there any releases we’ve seemed to miss? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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