Review | A Court of Thorns And Roses – Sarah J. Maas

I’m doing pretty well with my reread of all of Sarah J. Maas’ books in anticipation of the release of Crescent City #3. After finishing my Throne of Glass reread, it was time to reread the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I hadn’t ever reread those books so it was interesting going back to them. And today I want to share my thoughts on the first one! So let’s jump in.

Review | A Court of Thorns And Roses – Sarah J. Maas

When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a terrifying creature arrives to demand retribution. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she knows about only from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not truly a beast, but one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled her world.
At least, he’s not a beast all the time.
As she adapts to her new home, her feelings for the faerie, Tamlin, transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But something is not right in the faerie lands. An ancient, wicked shadow is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it, or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever.
From bestselling author Sarah J. Maas comes a seductive, breathtaking book that blends romance, adventure, and faerie lore into an unforgettable read.

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1) by Sarah J. Maas
on 05/05/2015
Pages: 419

A Court of Thorns and Roses was first released when I was living in London and when I was already in the middle of the Throne of Glass series. I had to wait for the next release and figured I would give Sarah’s newest bookseries a chance. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney movie so a retelling of their story used to be my kryptonite!

I remember enjoying the book but also being a bit surprised when it was super hyped when it released in the Netherlands a bit later. For me Throne of Glass will always be the superior series haha. Nevertheless, I do enjoy ACOTAR, especially the direction the last book took us in. I was very curious to see how I would like the books now.

Turns out, I found Feyre to be incredibly annoying in the first book haha. Knowing what will happen in the next books made me look at all the characters and their interactions a bit differently. And I loved how you could already pick up on certain things when put into that light. It might seem very innocent when reading it the first time but still work really well with the events we now know are coming.

But like I said, I was really enjoyed by Feyre. By her choices but also by her attitude. I don’t remember feeling that way the first time around, but I couldn’t shake it this time. Luckily the story was still enjoyable and knowing where we are going definitely helped me getting through the story. And seeing Rhys again was also a big help haha.

I’m glad I reread this one but I don’t think I will be doing it again anytime soon. Where I wanted to start again right after finishing the Throne of Glass series, for this one I’m glad I’m done. This might be a pretty impopular opinion and might seem harsh but it is what it is haha. I do really enjoy this series but I just don’t love it like I do the Throne of Glass series. What is your favorite out of the two? Let me know in the comments!

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