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With September right around the corner, I thought it was time to start talking about my September TBR. I’m working 3 days in September, so I plan on reading a lot. Which is why I decided to do a 30 books in 30 days challenge. I have some buddy reads and book clubs planned that are going to help me along with this challenge.

Group Reads/Buddy Reads

House of Salt and Sorrows – Erin A. Craig

Our next series slayers series is going to be the Sisters of the Salt duology. House of Salt and Sorrows is the first book. I actually read this back in 2019 and in my review I stated that I wished it would’ve been a duology, because there was a lot I still wanted. So I’m curious to see how the second read goes knowing that I have another book to read.

Text Appeal – Amber Roberts

Our main character is the only woman programmer at her firm and when things go wrong during a meeting, she loses her dream job. A friend suggests a sexting job until she finds something. At first she’s hesitant, but actually starts enjoying her work. Especially with a certain nerdy client. I’m really curious about how this is done and how everything will play out.

The Way of Kings – Brandon Sanderson

My in person book club met a bit early in August (because of some vacations) and we have 6 weeks until our next meeting. Which means this was the perfect time to suggest big books. A big book was chosen: The Way of Kings. This is a book that’s a little over 1000 pages long. It isn’t great for my 30 books in 30 days challenge, but it’s one I’m really curious about.

Beartown – Fredrik Backman

I’ve mentioned Beartown in a few others posts before and it’s a book I’m really curious about. It’s about a small town and something horrific happens. That’s all I know and all I want to know before going in. I’m hoping I love it as much I as I think I will.

The Block Party – Jamie Day

The Block Party released in July and I saw it everywhere. It definitely made me curious. On the night of a summer block party, there’s been a murder. It seems there’s a lot of drama and secrets and they all start coming out.


I decided when doing the 30 books in 30 days challenge I want at least 10 of my books to be eARCs. I’m going to try and do all Netgalley books to help in crease my feedback ratio. All ten aren’t going to be planned, but here are a few I really want to get to.

The Hexologists – Josiah Bancroft

All I know is that The Hexologists is about a married couple that solve magical mysteries together. I love this premise and I’m excited to sit down and read this.

Curious Tides – Pascale Lacelle

A dark academia fantasy that follows a teenage mage trying to find the truth behind a secret society involved in her classmates’ deaths. Curious Tides sounds like a great fall read with all of the elements that I love.

The Long Game – Elena Armas

Enemies to lovers, sports romance, forced proximity, and slow burn? Yes, please! Also, I really love this cover. We also get grumpy/grumpy romance instead of grumpy/sunshine. This should be a lot of fun!

Physical Backlist Books

Like every month, I choose three books randomly on my spreadsheet! I will be reading more physical books, because I’m trying to read as much off my own shelves as I can in September.

Practice Makes Perfect – Sarah Adams

I really enjoyed When in Rome and Practice Makes Perfect sounds like a fun romance. I haven’t really looked up with it’s about, but I know there is some type of fake relationship. That always has me wanting to pick up a book.

Five Feet Apart – Rachel Lippincott

Five Feet Apart has been on my shelves for way too long! Both of our main characters can get sick by being with the author. I have a feeling this book is going to have me in tears, but I’m going to read it anyways, haha.

If the Shoe Fits – Julie Murphy

A Cinderella retelling and a reality dating competition? If the Show Fits sounds like a book I’ll love. This series has a few other retellings in it now written by different authors, so I’m excited to finally read the first book.


So that’s my September TBR. If I read all of these, I only have 19 more books to go for my challenge, haha. Have you read any of these? Or what is on your September TBR? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

One thought on “Bookish Item| September TBR

  1. I haven’t read any but want to read text Appel. My September tbr is really ambitious but I’m doing a bit of travelling next month so think I may do better than this month which has been mega slow.

    I have a three books I’m doing as a buddy read

    Susan Lewis – Too close to home
    Robert Bryanza- Cold Blood
    Ashley Winstead- In my dreams i hold a knife

    I also have others as part of challenges or starting or carrying on series as I’m bad for having lots of series on my tbr and not reading them!

    M j Aldridge – Hide & Seek
    Lisa Gardner – The neighbour
    Sarah A Denzil – One for sorrow
    Shani Petroff- Airports, ex’s and other things I’m over
    Helen Durrant – Wrong victim
    Kristen Bailey – How much wine will fix my broken heart
    Jd kirk – An isolated incident
    Nora Murphy – The new mother
    Melinda Metz – Secret life of Mac
    Alex Gray – Still Midnight

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