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As I’ve mentioned before, one of my important reading goals of 2023 is shrinking my physical TBR. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what books I still have or subjects I want to read about. So we needed a way to keep track of this. 5 On My TBR is a way of keeping track. This is a meme hosted by E from Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Every week there’s a different prompt for five on my TBR.

This week’s topic is Title Starting with a ‘U’. There aren’t any books that come to mind right away so I’ll have to take a look at my shelves to find them. Do I own 5 book with ‘U’ titles? Let’s take a look!

1. The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson

I feel like this book makes an appearance every other list or so haha. At some point you’d think I will have read this one. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen this year haha. I do enjoy Morgan Matson books but I’m not often in the mood for a contemporary story.

2. Unearthed – Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

This is another one that has been on my TBR for quite a while now. I do still want to read it though and I think it could be one I’d really enjoy. Lately I have been craving sci-fi stories a lot so I really hope I can finally pick this one up.

3. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin

If I’m being honest I don’t see myself picking this one up. I got this one second-hand because of the hype but looking back at it this doesn’t seem like a book for me. Later this year I’m planning on unhauling a lot of books and this one will probably be on that list. So unless you have a great argument to change my mind, I don’t think I’ll own this one for that much longer.

4. The Unadoptables – Hana Tooke

I only had 3 books on my shelves that started with a ‘U’ so I decided to take a look at my eARC’s. And I found 2 more there. One of them is an older one, oops. The Unadoptables is written by an author who is half Dutch and the book is set in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There has been quite some critique about the message of the book and I’m really curious to see where I fall in that discussion. Because there are also a ton of readers who really loved this one.

5. Under This Red Rock – Mindy McGinnis

This book releases in March 2024 and sounds super interesting. I haven’t read a Mindy McGinnis book yet but have seen a lot of positive reviews for a couple of them. This is a murder mystery and our main character is trying to find out if she is responsible for the murder. There is mental illness in her family and she is dealing with her own monsters. I’m super curious and can’t wait to see if I enjoy Mindy McGinnis writing.

It was a bit of a challenge but I managed to locate 5 books on my TBR with ‘U’ titles. Have you read any of these? What did you think of them? I would love to hear from you!

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