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For today’s Show Sunday I want to talk about a movie instead of a show. Last week Red, White & Royal Blue released on Prime Video and of course I had to watch it right away. It’s a book adaptation and I was highly anticipating this movie. Did it live up to my expectations? Let’s dive in!

When the feud between the son of the American President and Britain’s prince threatens to drive a wedge in U.S./British relations, the two are forced into a staged truce that sparks something deeper.

Candyce and I read the eARC of Red, White & Royal Blue together, that was a little over 4 years ago. You can find our buddy review here, but the important take away is that we both loved it!

After photos of America’s First Son Alex and the British Prince Henry having a confrontation are leaked the relationship between the USA and Britain are tense. And so a fake friendship between the two has to mend that. This leads to some hilarious moments but quickly develops into something more as well.

The movie is almost 2 hours long but still got rid of an important part of the plot. In the book Alex really struggles to understand and come to terms with him being bisexual. This was totally glossed over in the movie. While I wish that was in the movie, and maybe they should’ve made this into a limited series so that could take their time, there was something else missing that bothered me more. Or rather, someone. Alex’s sister June was an important part of the book and formed the White House Trio with Alex and Nora. I loved their relationship and interactions but that was all left out unfortunately.

Before the movie released a lot of fans didn’t think the two lead actors had chemistry but I think they’ll come back from that after watching the movie. I think the chemistry was definitely there and I really enjoyed seeing them together. Personally I was afraid how they would handle the e-mails. They’re a huge part of the book and I wasn’t sure how they would translate to the screen. But I was pleasantly surprised and really liked how that was done.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. I loved seeing the characters come to life and watch some of my favorite scenes from the book. No it wasn’t perfect and I wish they had done a limited series instead of a movie but I definitely like it for what it is. I would for sure recommend watching it and I will be watching it again! Have you read the book? And seen the movie? Or are you planning to do so? I would love to hear from you!

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