Bookish Item| Bookstagram Chooses My Next 4 Reads Part 4

So even though I’m still working on the first three parts of Bookstagram Chooses my Next 4 Reads (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3), I still love adding some more while doing that. I’ve been mood reading, so the more choices I have the better. I will be doing a check in post soon to talk about the books I have read, but first here is Bookstagram Chooses My Next 4 Reads Part 4.

Here’s a little reminder what this is all about. These books can be anything except sequels of series I haven’t read yet and I can only veto one book. So let’s see what four books I get to read for this round!

Betting On You – Lynn Painter

So this is actually quite funny! In part 3 of this series I got The Love Wager by Lynn Painter. Now it’s her next YA book. So this one doesn’t release until November, but I’m so grateful to say I have an eARC of this one. So even more motivation to bump this one up!

Tastes Like Shakkar – Nisha Sharma

Dating Dr. Dil was such a fun read and Tastes Like Shakkar our main character wants to plan the perfect wedding party for the characters from the first book! I have a feeling this is going to be a laugh out loud read. Takes Like Shakkar is a new release that I also have an eARC of, so I’ll definitely have to read this soon.

Once More with Feeling – Elissa Sussman

This seems to be turning out to be one that makes me read my eARCs, haha. Once More with a Feeling is another one I received right before it released, so I haven’t been able to squeeze it in. A pop star has her life blow up after an unforgettable night, but when she gets the chance to head back to the spotlight, she takes it. I have a feeling things are going to get complicated.

With Love, from Cold World – Alicia Thompson

I read Love in the Times of Serial Killers last year and it was an amusing read. Even if I had hoped the serial killer aspect would’ve played a bigger role in this book. I did enjoy it enough to be curious about this author’s next book. An enemies to lovers romance that takes place while saving an amusement park? Sounds interesting! At least if I got the right take from the synopsis, haha.


So that actually took longer than expected. There were a lot of posts that didn’t have books or had piles of books. In the end I’m happy with these four books though and I’m excited to read them all. What book would you pick up first? Let me know in the comments!

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