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Summer is flying by and we’re already in August! Yesterday we shared our new books in the July Bookhaul and today it’s time to take a look at all that we’ve read in July. Did we do a good amount of reading? Let’s take a look and find out.


July was a really good reading month for me. In July I read 24 (8 paperbacks, 7 ebooks, 6 audiobooks, 2 hardcovers, and 1 ARC) books and I DNF’d 1 book. I read 8310 pages and had an average rating of 4 stars, so that’s not too bad. I’ve been in such a mood to read physical books and I’m hoping to keep it up!

Aurora’s End – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

A friend and I finally read the last book in the Aurora Rising trilogy. It’s been awhile since I read book two, so it took me a bit to remember everything, but I had a hard time putting Aurora’s End down. This was such an emotional roller coaster, but I feel like it was a fitting ending to this trilogy.

Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone – Benjamin Stevenson

The title of this book is what caught my attention and I can tell you this book won’t be for everyone, but I had a good time reading it. Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone is told in a way that our main character is writing a book. There were quite a few twists and turns and I’m looking forward to this author’s next book.

Last Chance Books – Kelsey Rodkey

I’m always a fan of books about books or that has characters who love books. In Last Chance Books Madeline is determined to save her family’s bookstore. I loved that idea and the beginning started out pretty strong. That’s where things got complicated, because the main character became very annoying. I read multiple reviews and a lot of people say the same thing.

Solitaire & This Winter – Alice Oseman

After reading Heartstopper I became really curious about Tori. Solitaire is her book and it was really good. This book is quite emotional and deals with some heavier topics, but it was very well written. After reading that I realized there are also novellas in this world. This Winter takes place at Christmas. It was a short read, but fits well into the bigger story.

That Summer Feeling – Bridget Morrissey

I’ve never heard of a sleep away camp for adults, but this book made the idea seem like a lot of fun. Garland is divorced and figuring out her life when she goes to this camp with her sister for a week. I loved the whole atmosphere of the camp and what it stood for. Found family was a trope I definitely felt came out well in this story. As well as finding yourself and what you want. I really want to read more by this author.

ExtraOrdinary & Warm Up – VE Schwab

A friend and I decided we wanted to read Vengeful together (after both loving Vicious quite some time ago) and before we did that I wanted to read ExtraOrdinary. The artwork in this graphic novel is stunning and the story is pretty dark, but very interesting. Warm Up is a short story in this world as well and it was very interesting. Short stories normally don’t work for me, but I enjoyed this one.

Love, Theoretically – Ali Hazelwood

Ali Hazelwood did it again! I loved Love, Theoretically and couldn’t put it down. Elise and Jack were such a cute couple and I loved seeing them slowly fall in love. Ali’s books often follow the same formula, but they just work for me. I can’t wait for her next book.

Business or Pleasure – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Chandler is a ghostwriter, but really hopes to finally get her own name on a book. When she’s having a bad day she ends up sleeping with a guy she just met. Who of course, ends up turning out to be the next person she’s to be a ghostwriter for. It’s a bit of a slow burn romance and she ends up giving him lessons in bed, but this story was amazing. It had me laughing and I loved the characters. Rachel Lynn Solomon has proved once again why she’s one of my auto buy authors.

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind – Jackson Ford

This was my in person book club book for the month and it was a fun read. A lot of things were convenient and the ending was just a bit of lazy writing, but the writing had me flying through the book. It definitely wasn’t my favorite book ever, but it was amusing.

The Grimoire of Grave Fates – Edited by Hanna Alkaf & Margaret Owen

The Gimoire of Grave Fates was my DNF this month. The idea of a murder mystery at a magical school had me intrigued. I also loved that it was told by multiple authors, but I think 18 may have been just a few too many. The story starts over with every student and that made it feel slow and I don’t really think we get to know the characters well.

Minx – Sophie Lark

Minx was a romance that definitely had some things I wasn’t expecting and definitely not things I’m interested in, but Ramses and Blake were such an interesting couple. Both had the need for control, but also let their walls down for the other. It took me a little bit to really get into this story, but when I did I loved every minute of it.

Long Shot & Block Shot – Kennedy Ryan

I read the first two books in the Hoops series and they couldn’t be more different. Long Shot was a very dark book and not always easy to read, but I couldn’t put it down. I was so happy when these two characters got their happily ever after. Then I picked up Block Shot which started out really great, but when a few tropes came into play I really didn’t enjoy it anymore. I’m still on the fence about reading the third book.

Love, Liana … Sincerely, Kade – Allie Doherty

Our main character gives love advice on her blog and Kade is one of the people who sends in a question. This started off really great, because I love when characters have their own blog. Liana wanting to help Kade and have him help her was a fun idea. I enjoyed this book, but the pacing didn’t always work. It took awhile to really build everything up and then it went really quickly.

Meet Your Match – Kandi Steiner

Kandi Steiner is an author I go to for sports romances lately and I had to give her newest series a try. Meet Your Match was actually a lot of fun. Even though Maven got on my nerves a lot. I understand her story, but things got a bit repetitive at times. I will be reading the next book though and really hope one of the side characters eventually gets his own book.

Stone Heart – Katee Robert

Dark Olympus is a series I keep getting recommended, so I decided to try the novella that starts off the series. It was short, but I really enjoyed it and it made me curious about the rest of the books. I’m currently reading Neon Gods.

The Seven Year Slip – Ashley Poston

The Dead Romantics is one of my favorite romances, so when Ashley Poston announced The Seven Year Slip I was really excited. This book was definitely more emotional than I was expecting, but it was so good. Clementine and Iwan have earned a special place in my heart. I really hope Ashley Poston writes more romance.

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six – Lisa Unger

I decided it was time to read a thriller and Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six was the one I decided to listen to. It started off really strong and I loved the setting and the different POVs. The reveals at the end were just a bit out there for me and it made it harder for me to really say I enjoyed this book.

Below Zero – Ali Hazelwood

For some reason I hadn’t read the last novella in the STEMnist novellas that Ali Hazelwood published. Below Zero was another enjoyable read and I loved the cameos of the characters we’ve previously met. I listened to all three, but do eventually want to physically read them again.

When You Get the Chance – Emma Lord

Millie is determined to become a broadway start and doesn’t understand why her dad doesn’t want her to go away to pursue her dream before finishing high school. On top of that she doesn’t know who her mother is, but when she finds her father’s LiveJournal she decides to try and figure out who her mother is. This is definitely an emotional read at times and Millie learns a lot about herself and family.

Someone You Loved – Robin Constantine

Someone You Loved was an emotional story. Sarah lost her boyfriend, but feels like she shouldn’t be grieving as much as she is after only six months. And that people are looking at her weirdly because of it. Jake lost his best friend and in some ways feels guilty about what happens. Sarah and Jake get close, but can they act on those feelings? This book really explores grief and how we grieve. I thought it was a good book!

Julieta and the Romeos – Maria E. Andreu

Julieta is encouraged by her teacher to publish her work online, but isn’t expecting a contributor. There are a few boys who she thinks could be this mysterious person, but she isn’t sure who. Things get a little messy, but she faces it and learns a lot about herself as things play out.

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

A few of the other moderators in TBR and Beyond have never read Throne of Glass, so we decided to read it together. It’s a reread for me of course and my fifth reread of this first book I think. I still loved it just as much and love noticing different details each time.


It was a decent reading month for me, I didn’t read as much as I hoped I would read but I did manage to finish 7 books, 6 of which were on my physical TBR. I read 5 manga, one eARC and one novel.

Never A Hero – Vanessa Len

I loved Only a Monster and this sequel was just as good. The first part of the book was a bit slower but once it got going, wow wow wow. I can’t wait for the next book and really hope I don’t have to wait as long as I did for this second book haha.

Death Note Black Edition vol. VI – Tsugumi Ohba

I finally finished it! Another series to cross off my list. I didn’t love this volume, it was more of the same and lot of the characters explaining what they were thinking. Overall I like the series but I’m happy it ended.

Haikyu! vol. 9 – 12 – Haruichi Furudate

This series continues to be my current obsession and I adored these volumes. It’s so much fun reading them and at the same time all the characters are being fleshed out more and more. I can’t wait to continue reading.

My Sister, the Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite

I’ve had this one on my wishlist for quite a while and I finally bought it earlier this year. This was a super fast read and I really enjoyed it. It was exactly what I hoped it would be and I plan on picking up more work of this author.

And that was our July reading. What have you been reading lately? Come talk to us in the comments!

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