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I love when I discover an author, love the books I read, and want to read more. It’s even better when said author has a backlist I can catch up on. I’ve decided it’s time to start taking a look at who I want to catch up with and slowly work on them.

My first backlist catch up was about Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka. Today I wanted to talk about Rachel Lynn Solomon’s backlist. I read Business or Pleasure this week and it made me want to pick up the rest of her books that I haven’t.

At the moment Rachel Lynn Solomon has eight published books (I’m clearly starting off with the authors that have smaller backlists, haha). There are also two anthologies she’s written for, but I’m not including those in my backlist catch up posts.

Books I’ve Read

So I’m actually starting off better than I thought. Out of the eight books Rachel has published, I’ve already read four of them (so 50%). I’m actually completely caught up with her adult romances after reading her latest release, Business or Pleasure. So far they’ve all been work related romances and I’ve loved them all. My favorite and first book was Today Tonight Tomorrow. Two rival overachievers work together during their senior class game and actually start to get close. I was smiling while reading most of that book.

Backlist Books I Own and Need to Read

So it seems I already out three out of the four books I haven’t read by Rachel Lynn Solomon. Our Year of Maybe seems to be an emotional read about friends who love each other, but after a major life event start to change and question their friendship. We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This brings out main character back in touch with a guy she confessed her feelings to and who never responded before going off to college. Things aren’t what they seem, so what’s going to happen while they work together during the summer? And See You Yesterday is a Groundhog Day type of story where our main character relives her first day of college over and over. All of these sound like great reads!

Backlist Book I Don’t Own Yet

I want to say that this is Rachel’s debut book and I actually really like this cover. Our main characters are twins and it seems that this one is going to be an emotional roller coaster. When one twin tests positive for the Huntington’s gene and the other doesn’t, life changes! I have a feeling this one will make me cry!


Are you familiar with Rachel Lynn Solomon’s books? Have you read any? Which one should I read first that I haven’t read yet? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have Weather Girl and The Ex Talk on my TBR, so it’s great to see you’ve enjoyed those! I’m looking forward to experiencing her books too.

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