Bookish Item | 2023 Reading Goals Mid Year Check In Part 2

Every year we set some reading goals for ourselves and of course we did so for 2023 as well. Last week Candyce did a check in to see where she stood regarding her 2023 reading goals. Today is my turn to take a look. I love setting goals but usually I do forget about some of them after a while so these posts help me to get back on track. Let’s see how I’m doing so far this year.

Goodreads Challenge

Usually I set my Goodreads reading challenge at a 100 books but that proved too much for the past couple of years. And while I was hoping to read more this year I wanted to take the pressure of myself, I read for fun and relaxation so pressuring myself doesn’t fit with that. I want to read at least 52 books this year, currently I’m at 41 books so it’s looking good! Only 11 more to go and I’m pretty sure that will be doable.

Netgalley Feedback Ratio

For reasons unbeknownst to be I didn’t write down my Netgalley ratio at the start of the year haha. So I’m not sure if I’m improving. My goal was to get to 50% and currently I’m at 42%. I do have a couple of reviews to hand in, that should get me to 44%. 50% at the end of the year seems out of reach but every procent up is something!

Physical TBR

My TBR seems to only ever grow haha. And this year, compared to last year, I have gotten a lot more new books. So my goal of reading at least 25 books from my physical TBR might not be enough to lower the total amount haha. However, I have so far read 13 books from my physical TBR so in regards to this goal I’m doing pretty well. I’m moving houses at the end of the year, so that might be a good time to unhaul some books and finally lower that TBR!

Big Books

Big books can be intimidating so I’ve decided to make it a reading goal. I’ve definitely left some books unread on my shelves because of the size haha. My goal was to read 12 big books this year, so books with 500 pages or more. And I’m proud to say I have reached that goal! This week I finished my 12th big book of the year. Reaching this goal has for sure been due to rereading some big books through audiobooks but a big book is a big book. And I will be finishing even more in the coming months. I’m excited to see what the end count will be.

Finish 6 Series

I have so many unfinished series, and for a lot of those I only have one book left. After failing at this goal for years, I’ve decided to try and finish 6 series. So far I’ve finished 3 series this year and I’m pretty proud of that haha. Two of those were at the start of the year so I was hoping to have finished some more by now but there is still time!

Usually this update shows how far off I am but for once I’m on track for multiple goals! And I’ve even reached one already. I have to say I’m pleasantely surprised by myself haha. How are you doing on your reading goals? Do you think I will reach all of mine by the end of the year? Let me know in the comments!

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