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We have a lot of eARC’s and we want to promote them a little bit more. So we decided to do some more Bookish Beginnings On Friday. Today I want to share the beginning of my newest eARC; The City of Stardust. This is a January 2024 release but I just might start my summer holiday with this one! Let’s take a look.The Everly family is cursed. Every generation is destined to lose their best and brightest, taken by a woman named Penelope, who never ages, never sickens, and never forgives a debt.

When her mother vanishes in the middle of the night, the curse falls on Violet Everly—unless she can break it first. To do so, she must descend into a seductive, magical underworld of power-hungry scholars, fickle gods, and monsters bent on revenge. And at the edges of the world, she’ll find the City of Stardust, where the Everly story began.


In Paris, a child goes missing. A baby, to be more precise. One minute he is in his pram, making chubby fists while his mother wheels him around a grocery shop. For a moment – just a moment, she will insist afterwards – she glances away to examine her shopping list, certain she’s forgotten something, but unable to recollect what. The next, he is gone, whisked away by sure, confident hands. By the time his mother looks back at the soft place where her baby used to be, the perpetrator has vanished. In the heart-stopping seconds between her realisation and the scream that wrenches its way past her throat, she catches an unusual vanilla scent in the air.

Okay, I immediately want to continue reading! This book was also promoted as for fans of Addie LaRue and you might remember that is one of my favorite books of the past few years. So I was already curious about this one. But after reading this first paragraph I want to keep on going. I enjoy the writing style so far and this prologue is definitely intriguing.

The synopsis sounds like something I would really enjoy, I like the cover and I’m pretty sure this will be one of my summer reads. Had you heard of this book yet? Are you intrigued by the first paragraph? Let me know in the comments!

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