WWW Wednesday #38

It’s Wednesday, so time for a new WWW Wednesday to talk about my reading progress and plans. I really love these posts and talking more about what I’m reading before the monthly wrap up. Even if my reading plans change I like thinking about what I’m going to read!

So it’s time for my next WWW Wednesday. This is a weekly meme hosted by Taking On a World of Words and you participate by simply answering three questions:

  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

What did you recently finish reading?

Priest – Sierra Simone

Priest is a book that’s become pretty popular and Bloom Books picked it up to publish traditionally. I love the new covers. I  picked this one up last weekend and read it in almost one sitting. To be honest I’m still not sure what to think about. I enjoyed that a lot of aspects seemed realistic and the main character struggling with his own beliefs and what he wants. Priest is a lot of smut though. I don’t mind books with that, but I missed some balance. The ending also didn’t completely work for me.

The Agathas – Kathleen Glasgow & Liz Lawson

The Agathas was a book I started reading last year, but I believe I ended up sick and got distracted. I finally picked it back up and I loved this mystery. The characters are interesting and there were quite a few twists and turns I wasn’t expecting.

The Gay Best Friend – Nicolas DiDomzio

After reading The Gay Best Friend I’m not really sure how I feel about this book. There were some really sweet and emotional moments, but I also didn’t like any of these characters. Including the main character. It’s going to be an interesting review to write.


What are you currently reading?

A Conjuring of Light – V.E. Schwab

A friend and I are buddy reading the Shades of Magic trilogy and are now a third of the way through the final book. A Conjuring of Light starts filled with action and just doesn’t slow down. I’m loving this trilogy and I really have no clue how it’s going to end.

Accidentally Amy – Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter is an author I’ve loved since reading Better Than the Movies. Accidentally Amy was a story she wrote as a newsletter story, but ended up publishing herself. I’m halfway through now and I’ve had a smile on my face almost the whole time I’ve been reading. Amy is such a fun character and I’m enjoying the romance developing between her and Blake.

Nine Liars – Maureen Johnson

After reading the fourth Truly Devious book I was never expecting a fifth book, but Maureen Johnson gave us Nine Liars. I started this book with a buddy at the end of January, but we both got busy. At the end of last week we started up again and I’m so glad to be back in this world. I’m curious to see how everything went down when two friends died during that night so many years ago. Hopefully Stevie can figure it out.


What do you think you’ll read next?

Kings of the Wyld – Nicholas Eames

So I actually started reading Kings of the Wyld in March 2020. I got almost halfway through, but got distracted (like I seem to do, haha). Why I haven’t picked it back up, I don’t know, because I was enjoying the story. Well it’s my June’s in person book club pick, so it’s time to sit down and read this book. I’ll be starting from the beginning, because it’s been too long since the last time I was reading.

Unfortunately Yours – Tessa Bailey

Earlier this year I enjoyed Secretly Yours, so I was excited to receive and eARC of Unfortunately Yours. This is about Natalie (Julian’s sister) who we met in Secretly Yours. I believe this is a marriage of convenience and enemies to lovers romance. As a fan of fake dating and the marriage of convenience tropes I can’t wait to sit down and read this book.


So that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week! Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Or what are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “WWW Wednesday #38

  1. I’ve heard so many differing opinions on V.E. Schwab. I have Addie LaRue on my TBR but I’m so nervous with picking it up anything by them because of all the hype & mixed reviews. I’ve also been wanting to get into more contemporary romance after reading Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler so I’m thinking about starting with Secretly Yours to get to Unfortunately Yours! I love a good enemies-to-lovers trope. Thank you for sharing!

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