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Some of you may know that To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is my favorite contemporary YA book series ever. I adore those books and characters so so much. And I also really liked the three Netflix movies we got. When it was announced we would get a tv show with Kitty as the main character I was very curious and now it finally time to watch it. After binging the first season I want to share my opinions with you all, so let’s dive in!

A new love story unfolds when teen matchmaker Kitty reunites with her long-distance boyfriend at the same boarding school attended by her late mother.

Netflix released the first season, it consists of 10 30-minute episodes. In other words, you can definitely binge all of it in 5 hours haha. This show is centred around Kitty who attends KISS, an international school in Korea. That also means we don’t get to see Lara-Jean, Peter or Margot although they are definitely mentioned and Kitty is in contact with them.

XO, Kitty is all about the drama haha. The show is pretty much over the top, there are a ton of secrets that slowly come to light. I’ve seen some comments that this show reminded a lot of people of kdramas and I have to say I immediately looked up some easy kdramas to get started.

Kitty is our main character but we’ve got some really great characters beside her as well. She goes to surprise her long distance boyfriend Dae. He was really cute and sweet but a little too bland for my taste. Definitely great first boyfriend material though!

We also get to meet his friends Min Ho and Q. They were really fun characters and I loved both of their dynamics with Kitty. Another important character was Yuri, she grew on me throughout the season. At first she seems like the regular spoiled, rich kid but I’m glad to say she was much more than that!

I loved the end of this first season but I do also hope we get a second season. There hasn’t been any news yet and Netflix seems to be cancelling a lot lately but I remain hopeful haha. Have you watched the show yet? Or are you planning on watching it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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