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As I’ve mentioned before, one of my important reading goals of 2023 is shrinking my physical TBR. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what books I still have or subjects I want to read about. So we needed a way to keep track of this. 5 On My TBR is a way of keeping track. This is a meme hosted by E from Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Every week there’s a different prompt for five on my TBR.

This week’s topic is number in the title. There are already a few I can think of, so let’s see what books are on my TBR that fit this criteria.

Five Survive – Holly Jackson

As a fan of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder I was really excited when Holly announced Five Survive. “Eight hours. Six friends. One sniper…” That definitely caught my attention. People I know who have already read Five Survive couldn’t put it down. I’ll have to read this one when I can read without any interruptions.

Nine Liars – Maureen Johnson

As a fan of the Truly Devious series I made sure to order Nine Liars as soon as I could. I’ve actually already started reading this book and I’m about 100 pages in. Getting distracted is something I’m good at, so I’m determined to continue Nine Liars soon and continue Stevie’s next mystery.

One for All – Lillie Lainoff

One for All is a genderbent Three Musketeers retelling and I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. Our main character has a chronic illness and trains to become a musketeer. Everyone sees her as weak, but she’s determined to prove everyone wrong. I’m excited to read this adventure!

The Four Winds – Kristin Hannah

Ever since I watched Firefly Lane I’ve been wanting to read something by Kristin Hannah. I didn’t buy Firefly Lane first, because a group read was being organized for The Four Winds. In the end I wasn’t able to join, but this historical fiction sounds like it’s going to be an emotional one, but good.

Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House is a dark academia thriller/horror book if I’m remembering correctly. I did start this once, but it’s definitely a book you need to really need to concentrate on while reading. So many people love it and I’m hoping to read it soon with the sequel now out in the world.


So here are five books with numbers in the title. Have you read any of these? Or what books are on your TBR with numbers in the title? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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