Royal Update #175

We thought it was time for a fun new post every week. In the Royal Update one of us updates you about our personal life, bookish news, what we’re reading, watching and listening to and anything else that might apply to this post. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our personal lives and hope you think so too!

Back to work today! These past two weeks I’ve been in France and have been relaxing a lot. Other than spend a ton of money I didn’t do anything haha. I had a lot of plans, wanted to do so much but in the end I read and gamed and ate some good food and that was basically it. It was time spend with family and I definitely needed to relax after some stressful weeks at work.

My laptop battery is dead and needs to be fixed. Unfortunately I have a MacBook Pro and that would mean getting a whole new frame. You can imagine that is very expansive haha. So I decided to not do that, this is a 2015 model so it’s time for an update. I haven’t gotten a new laptop yet, but I did decide to not play games on my laptop any more. That wasn’t really working for my anyway. I got a gaming pc this weekend, so I spend a lotttt of money but I’m super happy with it!

AAAAAAH, I’ve got some REALLY exciting eARC’s!! I’m so grateful and I can’t wait to dive in. The first one is Never a Hero by Vanessa Len, the sequel to Only a Monster. I loved the first book and have been looking forward to the sequel ever since, I plan on diving in soon! The second eARC I got is even more exciting, The Fragile Threads of Power by V.E. Schwab!!! I still can’t believe it! The Shades of Magic series was amazing and ever since the release of the final book I have been hoping for a spin-off series. It’s finally coming and I can read the first book early.

While I didn’t read all the books I wanted in France, I did manage to finish quite a few books. I ended up finishing Never Ever Getting Back Together, Throne of Glass book 1, 2 and 3 and Haikyu vol. 5, 6, 7 & 8!

At the moment I’m reading the Adventures of Amina al-Sarifi and Assassin’s Blade. After those I will probably pick up one of my new eARC’s.

The internet at our place in France isn’t that great so I didn’t watch any shows these past two weeks. Looks like I’ll have to play catch up the coming weeks!

This might become boring but I’m still listening to Taylor Swift haha. I’m alternating between a playlist of the set she does on the Era’s tour, my personal favorites and I’ve just thrown Speak Now in the mix since Speak Now Taylor’s Version got released this week!

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