Bookish Item| Bookstagram Chooses My Next 4 Reads Part 2

I recently wrote a post bookstagram choose my next 4 reads and I’m having a lot of fun. I’m about to start the third book, so I’ll be updating you all about this experience soon. Seeing how I’m almost done with this first round and it’s a success I want to give it another go.

Here’s a little reminder what this is all about. These books can be anything except sequels of series I haven’t read yet and I can only veto one book. So let’s see what four books I get to read for this round!

That actually took me longer than expected, haha. The first 10 books I scrolled by were either sequels or books I’ve already read.

The True Love Experiment – Christina Lauren

So I actually have an eARC of The True Love Experiment that I was so happy about receiving. Our main character Felicity is a romance novelist, but realizes she’s actually never been in love herself. Connor must create a reality TV show and suggests Felicity is in one about her falling in love on camera. We all know this is going to get interesting! I loved Felicity as a side character in The Soulmate Equation and I’m excited to read her love story.

Practice Makes Perfect – Sarah Adams

I recently read When in Rome and loved this small town romance. Practice Makes Perfect is the next book in this series and it has fake dating! Need I say more? Add in the fact that our male main character is a bodyguard and I was sold! Also, look at this cute cover.

The Last Housewife – Ashley Winstead

Not too long ago I read In My Dreams I Hold a Knife and now I want more by Ashley Winstead. In The Last Housewife our main character is determined to destroy a powerful cult. This book also includes the help from a podcast host. I love books that incorporate podcasts in one way or another.

Georgie, All Along – Kate Clayborn

Georgie, All Along sounds like the small town romance I’m looking for. More important than that I love the fact that it seems our main character is also on the path of discovering herself and what she wants. These kind of stories always make me happy, so I’m glad to have a reason to finally pick this one up soon!


I have to say this round is an interesting one. I’ve been curious about all four of these books. As I’m typing this my copy of Practice Makes Perfect is on its way. I’ll be finishing up the four books from my other post and then tackling these ones. Which book should I start with? Let me know in the comments!

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