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Once again it’s the start of the month, so after talking about our book hauls yesterday, today we’re talking about our April wrap up. What did we read? Have we discovered any new favorites? Keep on reading to find out how our reading month went!


April was a good reading month. I ended up reading 17 books (4 ARCs, 4 audiobooks, 4 e-books, 4 paperback, and 1 graphic novel) and had an average rating of 4.3, so I think it’s safe to say I read quite a few amazing books. Let’s take a look at the books I read.

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife – Ashley Winstead

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife is a thriller that I’ve been wanting to read since it released. This one was a random backlist pick for April and I read it in one day. None of these characters were very likable, but I was hooked from the start. The only thing that disappointed me was that I figured out the twist. I prefer to be caught off guard, haha. All in all, I really enjoyed this one!

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels – India Holton

Historical fiction isn’t something I’ve read a lot of, but The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels may just change that. I can honestly say I haven’t read a book like this. It had me laughing out loud and wondering how battling pirate houses would work. I’ll be reading the next two books in this series soon.

The Neighbor Favor – Kristina Forest

The Neighbor Favor was such a fun story! I’m a big fan of books that have characters who love books or are involved with them in some way or another. We got both in this story. Lily and Nick were fun characters and I loved the email exchange we got to read in the beginning of the book. Some spots felt a bit slower, but all in all this was a fun fluffy romance. I’ll definitely be reading about Lily’s sisters when those books are published!

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers – Jesse Q. Sutanto

I remember seeing Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers was a fun cozy mystery. Besides the solving of the mystery I love the relationships that develop between Vera and her “suspects” and how they all learn something about themselves. I couldn’t put this book down.

Saga Vol. 1 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga Vol. 1 has been on my shelf for quite a long time. I finally read it for book club this month and what a weird start to a series. This is science fiction and you’re basically dropped in the middle of the story. It took a little bit for the story to start coming together or understandable, but I’m curious enough to keep on reading. The artwork is amazing.

The Fiancee Farce – Alexandria Bellefleur

Fake dating and marriage of convenience are my favorite romance tropes, so I had to pick up The Fiancee Farce. I was so grateful for my eARC and ALC that I couldn’t wait to start reading it. This book met my expectations and then some! Tansy and Gemma had me laughing and crying! I love the humor, romance, banter, spicy moments, and just how it all played out.

What the Hex – Jessica Clare

After reading Go Hex Yourself I was actually a bit hesitant about picking up What the Hex. I enjoyed the first book, but it didn’t wow me. What the Hex was a pleasant surprise though and I enjoyed it a lot more than expected. This was definitely a grumpy/sunshine romance and Penny was so quirky you just couldn’t help but love her. I have to say this one was definitely more spicy than expected, but it worked for the story.

When in Rome – Sarah Adams

I had When in Rome on my Kindle for quite some time after being approved for an eARC on Netgalley. This is definitely one I should’ve read sooner. I can’t imagine what it’s like being a popular music artist and feeling overwhelmed. Our main character ends up in a small town when wanting to get away and realizes there is more to life and it’s time to take back control of her choices. The romance in this book worked well and it developed gradually. I need to read more by this author.

Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is an author I’ve only known for her contemporary romances. All of them have had me hooked and made me cry at least once. She’s an amazing author, so I was excited to see what she would do with fantasy and she did not disappoint. I love the world, characters, plot, and that ending left me wanting more. If you like dragons in your fantasy books I definitely recommend to pick up Fourth Wing. It releases today!

Out of Character – Jenna Miller

Out of Character was a book I absolutely loved! I’m a big fan when characters have a fandom or something they’re really passionate about. Cass is involved in a role-playing server that was created for the love of a series of books. This book is so much more though. It’s learning about yourself, family, love, and your own struggles. I laughed, cried, and reading the last page left me with a happy heart. I really hope Jenna Miller writes more books.

Forever His – Jennilynn Wyer

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a M/M romance and Forever His sounded like one I’d love, so I signed up for an eARC. Unfortunately, this one just didn’t work for me. The story had weird time jumps and that made the story stay on the surface for me. While I loved Julien and Elijah I also felt that their relationship didn’t get all the attention it needed, because of everything going on with the side characters. While I understand that, I just needed more.

Sweet Memory – LJ Evans

LJ Evans has done it again. This second chance romance met all of my expectations and then some! Paisley and Jonas are amazing and hit me in all the feels. This book made me laugh, cry, swoon, and had me on the edge of my seat. This author has proved once again why she is one of my favorite authors.

Weak Side – SJ Sylvis

I was really excited about Weak Side. SJ Sylvis decided to give the world of sports romance a try and it was fun! Theo and Claire were really fun characters and I loved their chemistry. I enjoyed Weak Side, but some things went just a bit too slow for me. The fake dating didn’t start until almost halfway through the book and there were some things I would’ve loved to have seen get more attention. I will be reading the next book in this series though!

The Sweetest Connection – Denise Williams

Out of the three Airport Novellas, The Sweetest Connection was my favorite. I’m a fan of friends to lovers romances and Teagan & Silas deserved their romance. I loved that a lost love letter brought them closer together and made them think about their own feelings.

The Coven -Harper L. Woods & Adelaide Forrest

The Coven was the first bookstagram picks my TBR book that I picked up and it was a great choice. I couldn’t put this book down. The magic and world were really interesting and Willow was a feisty and strong character I want to learn more about. Even Grey’s story has me intrigued. After that ending I need the sequel!

The Guy for Me – Marzy Opal

Novellas can be hit or miss for me and while I would’ve loved The Guy for Me to be a full length novel I really enjoyed this story. Liam and Mabel met through a pen pal project in high school and kept texting afterwards. When they finally meet up they both have to face their feelings.

Coach – Devney Perry

For some reason I’ve been loving sports romances lately and Devney Perry is an author I love, so it seemed logical to pick up this book. This single dad second chance romance was one that I loved and I read it in just about one sitting. There are some characters I definitely get their own book in the future.


I’ve read ‘only’ 6 books this month but I’m still really happy with that. This month was filled with a lot of work stuff and I was super tired. I was literally counting down the days until I had two weeks off so I was barely reading anything the first weeks of this month. This past week I read a LOT so I’m really happy with those 6 books. I read 1 manga, 2 eARCs and 3 audiobooks!

Haikyu! 4 – Haruichi Furudate

I adore this manga series about volleyball so much. It’s hard to pace myself haha. This is a finished series with 45 volumes but unfortunately my bank account doesn’t allow me to buy them all at once haha. I currently own the first 12 volumes so I can read on for a little while.

Yellowface – R.F. Kuang

Wow, what a book. This is completely different from the other R.F. Kuang books she has written so far but a very good one as well. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to fans of hers (although I do think you al should read it haha) as it’s not fantasy. But the main character is not a good person so in that regard I guess it could be like other R.F. Kuang books ;).

Never Ever Getting Back Together – Sophie Gonzales

I finally read my eARC for Never Ever Getting Back Together. Sophie Gonzales is one of my favorite contemporary authors and I’m already so excited for whatever she writes next. This one was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed these characters. Apart from Jordy, he is the absolute worst.

Throne of Glass 1-3 – Sarah. J. Maas

I’ve started a reread of the Throne of Glass series after seeing allll of the tiktoks about the series haha. This is one of my very favorite series ever and just seeing some sentences makes me cry immediately. I have definitely already cried during this reread and I just know it will only get worse. It’s wonderful seeing all of playing out knowing where the story goes. But I am scared for all the heartbreak that is coming haha.

So that’s what we read in April! Have you read any of these? Or did you read any new favorites last month? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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