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Yesterday was Kingsday in the Netherlands, our national holiday in honor of the king’s birthday. And I thought it would be fun to celebrate that by sharing my favorite bookish (male) royals with you all. As I read a lot of fantasy, there were a ton I could pick from. In the end, these are some of my favorites! Let’s jump in!

Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor (Red, White & Royal Blue)

fanart by: vkelleyart / artbyflor / vkelleyart

The only non-fantasy royal on the list haha. I couldn’t not mention Henry, we just got a date for the movie release and I’m so excited. Henry wasn’t an immediate ‘love’ but he definitely managed to wiggle his way into my heart!

Dorian Havilliard (Throne of Glass)

fanart by: athena.theartist / embaileyart / morgana0anagrom

Dorian was an immediate love for sure! I don’t want to say too much as all of it could be spoilers. But his story made me feel alllll of the feelings. I’m currently rereading the series and I’m already dreading some parts, but also looking forward to some other things!

Cardan Greenbriar (The Cruel Prince)

fanart: p-dulcis / rokii artworks / loweana_art

Look at that prince, especially in the middle piece, can you blame me? I love a good bad boy in my books and Cardan for sure was one. It was super fun reading about him!

Nikolai Lantsov (The Grishaverse)

fanart: I couldn’t find the artist for this one! / / jemlin_c

From the moment we met Nikolai, I knew he’d be my favorite. I love every single scene he’s in and I was so happy when we got a second season of the tv show so we got see him in action. Hopefully we get a third season and see more of his wonderful story play out.

Rhy Maresh (Shades of Magic)

fanart: yingdraws / morgana0anagrom / avendell

Rhy is such an underrated character! I can’t wait to read more about him in The Fragile Threads of Power. Alucard and Rhy together is all I want and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Rhy is such a good person and I loved his relationship with Kell.

Merik Nihar (Truthwitch)

fanart: toxcoto / meliescribbles / I couldn’t find the artist for this one!

I really need to read the next books in the Truthwitch series. Merik was one of my favorite characters in the first two books and I’m so excited to see what happens next with all of them. This series doesn’t get nearly enough attention in my opinion!

Ruhn Danaan (Crescent City)

fanart: / / madschofield

I couldn’t not mention Ruhn! If you’re on tiktok I’m sure you’ve heard of Ruhn with the iconic sound that has been trending. As I’ve said I’m currently rereading the Throne of Glass series but I plan on making my way through all of Sarah’s books so I’m all ready to go once Crescent City 3 is released.

I decided to stick to male royals since we currently have a King but I would be happy to also share some of my favorite female royals if anyone’s interested! So please let me know in the comments ;). And of course, let me know some of your favorite (male) royals in the comments as well! Do we have any similar picks?

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