Wishlist Wednesday | Most Anticipated Releases May 2023

Another month is flying by, so it’s time to start looking at next month. May tends to be a busy month for book releases, so what books are we looking forward to? Keep on reading to find out what are most anticipated May 2023 releases are!

Imogen, Obviously – Becky Albertalli (May 2nd)

I have read most of Becky’s books (just not her 2 latest books) and was immediately curious about this one. The premise sounds wonderful and I can tell the author’s note really made me want to read it (I have an eARC). Also, I love that the dedication was made out to Sophie Gonzales.

Liar’s Beach – Katie Cotugno (May 2nd)

Liar’s Beach is a fresh retelling of Agatha Christie’s book The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Our charcaters come together to spend the end of the summer with each other on an island. Sounds like a perfect summer mystery!

Lying in the Deep – Diana Urban (May 2nd)

I’ve been in the mood for thrillers lately and Lying in the Deep sounds intense. It takes place on a cruise – Campus on Board. They can’t go anywhere, so this will be interesting!

Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros (May 2nd)

Rebecca Yarros is an author I know and love because of her amazing romance books. Fourth Wing is her first fantasy book and I’ve already read it (my review will be up Saturday). The world building and characters are amazing. A war college and dragons? Need I say more?

Best Men – Sidney Karger (May 2nd)

I’m actually currently reading an eARC of Best Men and enjoying it. Two best men in a wedding party fall for each other. Exactly something I know I’ll love.

The Last Word – Katy Birchall (May 2nd)

This sounds like a fun book! It’s an enemies to lovers, office romance and I think that is all we need to know. Nothing special, just a lot of fun and sometimes that’s all you need.

The Isles of the Gods – Amie Kaufman (May 2nd)

This has so many things I love, gangster dens, sea adventures, magic, and reawakened gods. Sign me up! Also, I really like Amie Kaufman so that makes me even more excited. It’s also the start of a new series and the early reviews are super positive.

This Is the Way the World Ends – Jen Wilde (May 9th)

An elite private school’s epic masquerade ball, a brutal murder and a global blackout which leads to a total lockdown. I’m in! I’m always on the lookout for a new YA mystery thriller and this one sounds great, maybe a little over the top but that can be fun.

If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come – Jen St. Jude (May 9th)

We Are Okay meets They Both Die at the End (they’re really getting to me with how they’re pitching books, haha). Mental health seems to becoming more of an important theme in books and I’m interested to see how this is done.

Julieta and the Romeos – Maria E. Andreu (May 16th)

You’ve Got Mail meets a YA Beach Read. Did I really need to know more to want to read it? Not at all! I have an eARC and hope to read this soon.

Yellowface – R.F. Kuang (May 16th)

I actually already read this one and will share my review soon. It is so good! And not at all what you might expect, so don’t read it just because it’s by R.F. Kuang but actually look at the synopsis.

Seven Rules for Breaking Hearts – Kristyn J. Miller (May 16th)

A podcast, nemesis to lovers, an experiment to prove dating without rules to not break your heart is a bad idea. Sounds like a fun book! As I’ve said before, sometimes that all you need and want in a book.

Court of the Undying Seasons – A.M. Strickland (May 16th)

Another one I already read (and loved), with a review coming very soon. This is a vampire story but it had some really fun twists. It looks like this is a standalone, a nice change of pace in the fantasy genre!

The True Love Experiment – Christina Lauren (May 16th)

This is the companion novel to The Soulmate Equation and I believe about the main character’s best friend. I remember saying I wanted her to have a book. Christina Lauren is a fun author duo and I’m excited for this release.

Witch King – Martha Wells (May 30th)

I loved the Martha Wells books I’ve read so far and this one sounds really good. The MC is a ┬ádemon from the Underworld and from the reviews he seems to be great to read about. I adored Murderbot and I hope Kai is a similar MC.

Big Gay Wedding – Byron Lane (May 30th)

Big Gay Wedding is described as a loud, proud, and hilarious novel for fans of Red, White & Royal Blue and The Guncle. I loved both of those and this just sounds like a book for me.

The Celebrants – Steven Rowley (May 30th)

Okay, so I loved The Guncle by this author and knew I needed to read The Celebrants as soon as it was announced. Friends come together after so many years and it seems life didn’t go to plan for all of them.

So here are the books we’re looking forward to that released in May! Are any of these on your list? Or did we miss any you think everyone needs to know about? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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