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One of my yearly reading goals is to finish 12 series. This is one of my goals every single year and I don’t think there has been one year where I’ve even gotten close haha. I actually started off strong this year and I hope to continue that. So I’ve made a list of series I want to finish this year. These are 7 book series with a pretty good chance of me finishing them this year!

Death Note – Tsugumi Ohba
1 book to go

This one I am for sure going to finish this year. I only have one book to go and it has been on my nightstand for awhile now haha. You can tell I’ve tried to make it easy on myself so I can pick it up soon but I guess we have to be a bit more patient. I plan on reading it somewhere in the comments months though, possibly when I have 2 weeks off!

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake
0,5 book to go

I’m so embarrassed this is still on my TBR. This is one of my favorite series but I just haven’t been able to finish it. I have one book left and I already finished about half of it so it’s really just half a book left. Once I get back into it I’m sure I will finish is in no time, but I’m also a little scared to be honest. Will the ending live up to the rest of the series?

Nevernight – Jay Kristoff
1,5 book to go

I was a little late to the party but I loved Nevernight. After that I did start Godsgrave and enjoyed what I read. But I put it down in favour of something else and haven’t picked it back up unfortunately. This is another series that I just know I will love once I get back into it. I just need to pick it up haha. This is another one I might tackle on my time off.

Something Dark and Holy – Emily A. Duncan
1 book to go

I really liked the first book in this trilogy and was shocked by the ending of the second book. The last book in the trilogy was a preorder for me and I love the gorgeous editions I own. But I haven’t picked it up yet for some reason or another haha. It would be nice to finish this series and to see if it lived up to the potential of the first book.

Stalking Jack the Ripper – Kerri Maniscalco
2 books to go

I didn’t love the first book or the second one to be honest. The titles and synopsis of book 3 and 4 got me intrigued though haha. So after hearing the series got better and better I decided to get the final two books. I do think I could read these pretty fast once I pick them up. And who knows, maybe I do like these better than the first ones.

Warcross – Marie Lu
1 book to go

I really enjoyed Warcross, even though there were some predictable ‘twists’, I especially loved the scenes where they were competing. The rest of the story was intriguing enough so I do want to know what happens next. And I keep on hoping for more game or competition time. Although that might not happen, but who knows!

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard
2 books to go

I loved loved loved Red Queen but I was a bit disappointed by the second book. After that I did get the third and fourth book but just never picked them up. I have always wanted to know how the story would end though. Recently I read a little bit of the third book and definitely enjoyed it, so I’m excited to continue reading it!

Seven series I hope to finish this year! What do you think of my picks? How do you like my chances? Would love to hear from you in the comments down below.

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  1. I will come find you if you don’t finish the three Dark Crowns series lol

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