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A little while ago I used a try a chapter tag to see if I was still interested in the older eArcs I haven’t read yet. While I was excited for them when I requested them, my reading tastes have changed a bit and some of these books just aren’t for me anymore. I have not nearly enough time to spend it on books I don’t enjoy or I’m not excited about so I have to make some decisions. Let’s see what I think after the first chapter!

The Chosen – Taran Matharu (2019)

This story started off intriguing! Definitely the way to do an opening chapter, I was actually debating if I had time to read the next chapter as well just because I wanted to. I absolutely want to read this book, now I just have to decide whether I read this one first or the other Taran Matharu book I own (The Novice).

Almost Adults – Ali Pantony (2019)

The first chapter was about 25 pages I think, and it was all about a break-up…. This was not what I thought the book would be about and yes I know not the whole book will be about this one break-up but still. There are 4 POV’s in the book and I only read one so far but that one already showed me that this just isn’t my type of book. The writing was fine but the content is simply not up to my taste.

Lily’s Just Fine – Gill Stewart (2019)

I feel bad saying this but I immediately disliked the main character; Lily. This book has 2 POV’s, so maybe I’d like the other main character better but I just can’t imagine making my way through this book knowing half of it will be in Lily’s POV. And she will be in the other half as well haha. After looking at the synopsis again I’m sure this isn’t a book I will enjoy and I will just leave it at this first chapter.

Three more eARC’s tried and just one I really want to read. I feel a little bad but I just know nothing good will come from reading the others and I’d rather spend my time on books I think I will enjoy! Have you read any of these books? Do you think I made the right decision? Let me know in the comments!

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