Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | March 2022

It’s that time of month where we see if we actually read the books we add to our shelves. We always look back at the previous year, so today is our looking back at our bookhauls for March 2022. Want to know how we did? Keep on reading to find out!


These posts are always scary, but they tend to remind me why I’m working on my physical TBR this year. In March 2022 I added 7 books to my shelves. Let’s see how many I actually read!

Court – Tracy Wolff

I remember last March I reread Covet and then read Court. This is such an addicting story and it’s just one you can’t get enough of. It’s not the best piece of art I’ve read, but it’s one I keep going back to. I’ve become very invested in these characters.

Mr. Wrong Number – Lynn Painter

Mr. Wrong Number made me laugh out loud and I love the idea of a relationship starting after a text going to the wrong number. He just also happens to be her brother’s best friend. Once I picked this one up, I just couldn’t put it down!

The Spanish Love Deception – Elena Armas

The Spanish Love Deception is a book that got really hyped on BookTok and bookstagram. I was curious about it. While I did enjoy the story it’s not my favorite. Slow burn isn’t something that bothered me, but this one just didn’t work like I expected. Part of me thinks I would’ve loved it more if we got Aaron’s POV.

Sadie On a Plate – Amanda Elliott

So I haven’t read this one yet, but I plan on reading it soon. The author just released a new book and I want to say it’s in the same world. I can’t help but reading about or watching reality baking shows.

One For All – Lillie Lainoff

This gender bent Three Musketeers retelling is one I haven’t read yet, but I really need to. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it, so I need to push it up my TBR.

League of Liars – Astrid Scholte

How I still haven’t read the book pitched as How to Get Away with Murder meets Six of Crows is beyond me! A friend actually suggested this one for our April book club. Even though it didn’t win, I do kind of want to add it to next month’s TBR.

A River Enchanted – Rebecca Ross

A River Enchanted is a book I do still need to read. I’ve heard a lot of amazing things and seeing how the sequel is out in the world I really should catch up.


End Result:
Read: 3/7 – 42.9%
TBR: 4/7 – 57.1%


March 2022 was one of the last months I didn’t get any new books and before I started sharing my Audible picks. So nothing to share this time. I looked at the next couple of months, it will actually be a couple more before I have something to share again haha.


So that’s our looking back at our bookhauls for this month. Have you read any of these? Let us know in the comments. We love to talk books!

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