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Thanks to the release of season 2 of Shadow and Bone I’m completely engulfed in the Grishaverse again haha. I reread Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and I’m currently rereading King of Scars. The whole Grishaverse consists of amazing books and I thought I would make it hard on myself again and rank the Grishaverse books. I’m not including the novella’s or Language of Thorns and Live of Saints. Some I have read, others I haven’t and it just doesn’t feel like a fair comparison. So I’m sticking to the 7 main books. Let’s jump in!

7. Ruin and Rising

I knew which series I wanted to start with, and it was kind of okay making a rating out of these 3 books. It was still hard, but I think I’m okay with this. The final book in the original Grisha trilogy was well done and I liked that there was actual sacrifice and consequences for the final showdown. Maybe I should reread the books again haha.

6. Shadow and Bone

This one had to go up a little bit higher, as this was my introduction to the Grishaverse and I will forever be grateful for that. I enjoyed this one a lot, even though I didn’t love it. The world is super interesting and I love reading about the Grisha.

5. Siege and Storm

My favorite Shadow and Bone book! And that is mostly thanks to meeting Sturmhund. He was my instant favorite and if you make me do a ranking of my favorite Grishaverse characters he would be somewhere in the top 2 probably haha.

4. Crooked Kingdom

I adore the Six of Crows duology so much but this book broke my heart. Leigh Bardugo really did that…. I’m still a little bit in denial but that is also the reason I am ranking this pretty ‘low’. The schemes were wonderful and I do really love this book but like I said, I am heartbroken haha.

3. King of Scars

As a Nicolai lover, I was so excited for the King of Scars duology. And it did not disappoint! I adore this book but it was beaten in this ranking because I love other books more haha. After finishing my current read, I will reread this one and I can’t wait to dive back in. So much happens and I hope the Netflix show gets enough seasons to also adapt this duology.

2. Rule of Wolves

This one beat King of Scars because I loved this ending. Where I hated the Crooked Kingdom ending, this was actually so good. There was one element I didn’t love (and I actually had forgotten haha) but other than that is was amazing. Nina and Zoya are incredible and this was truly their book <3.

1. Six of Crows

While I really liked the Grisha trilogy, Six of Crows is where I truly fell in love with the world. I love love love the Crows so much. Also, this is a heist book and that is just so much fun. I get so excited to see Kaz’ plans not working for it to actually still work haha. My very reread was amazing and I might just go back in again ;).

As with every previous post where I ranked certain books, it was pretty hard. Although I will say, this one I was able to do the fastest so far. I had some clear picks and since there aren’t that many books, I’m pretty confident in my picks!

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  1. I have only read the Shadow & Bones books and the Demon in the Woods graphic novel but I´m definitely continuing with all of the books and Sturmhond definitely is my favorite character so far but I think he will share that place with others after reading Six of Crows if I´ll be able to get to them soon haha

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