Wishlist Wednesday| Most Anticipated Releases April 2023

We’re in the last week of March already! How is this possible?!? That means it’s time to look at what books are releasing next month we’re looking forward to. Is April going to be a busy bookish month? Keep on reading about our most anticipated releases to find out!

Never Vacation with Your Ex – Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka (April 4th)

I recently read Do I Know You? by this author duo. Never Vacation with Your Ex is their next YA romance and it sounds really good. I can’t imagine it’s easy when your normal family vacation gets awkward when your ex is there. This seems like a perfect summer read.

Not Here to Stay Friends – Kaitlyn Hill (April 4th)

This is a friends to lovers spin on The Bachelor. Our main character wants to spend the summer with her best friend who has to work for his dad while he works reality TV. She ends up being the lead of the show, so things are going to get interesting!

Spell Bound – F.T. Lukens (April 4th)

Two rival apprentice sorcerers must team up to save their teachers and protect their magic. This author gets amazing covers and when I was reading So This is Ever After I loved the humor. So I’m hoping that Spell Bound also makes me laugh.

Tell Me What Really Happened – Chelsea Sedoti (April 4th)

Five teens go into the woods, only four come out. This story is told through police interviews with the four remaining teens. I love a good YA mystery and I really enjoy this type of story telling. Can’t wait to find out what happened.

Blood Debts – Terry J. Benton-Walker (April 4th)

This is a YA fantasy, set in New Orleans and featuring twins as the main characters. There are intergenerational curses, a stolen throne, and tensions between magical and non-magical communities. Sounds pretty good to me!

Silver in the Bone – Alexandra Bracken (April 4th)

I love Alexandra Braken and it’s been too long since I’ve read anything by her! This is inspired by the Arthurian legend and sounds like a pretty good YA fantasy. I’ve seen some very positive reviews and I’m super excited to dive in.

Untethered Sky – Fonda Lee (April 11th)

This is a tordotcom novella, so you already know I’m interested. It’s also about the bond between humans and animals. I love reading about animals and I’m curious to try Fonda Lee’s work.

If Only You – Chloe Liese (April 11th)

The Bergman Brothers series is an amazing series and I’m excited we finally get Ziggy’s story. If Only You is a brother’s best friend slow burn romance. Where do I sign up? Now the only thing I have to decide is if I’m going to read the physical book or wait for the audiobook (I’ve listened to the whole series so far).

Yours Truly – Abby Jimenez (April 11th)

Abby Jimenez is an author I’ve been wanting to read, but haven’t yet. Yours Truly is her next book and it involves our main characters exchanging letters. That’s all I needed to know to want to read this book, because I love letters/emails/text messages in books!

The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King – Carissa Broadbent (April 14th)

After loving The Serpent and the Wings of Night I needed this book right away! Luckily we only have to wait a little bit longer before we can read the next part of the story. I have high hopes and can’t wait to see what these vampires do next.

The Fiancee Farce – Alexandria Bellefleur (April 18th)

Fake dating and marriage of convenience are my favorite tropes, so I only needed to know that to know I wanted to read The Fiancee Farce. A quiet bookseller and a romance cover model are our main characters. I’m excited to see how this will all play out.

In the Lives of Puppets – T.J. Klune (April 25th)

I’m a little conflicted after hearing what the inspiration behind The House in the Cerulean Sea was but I will say this synopsis sounds incredible. It’s a Pinocchio retelling but almost all of the characters are robots. We get another found family and the early reviews are raving.

Happy Place – Emily Henry (April 25th)

Emily Henry is a favorite author of mine. Book Lovers is such an amazing book, so when I heard about Happy Place it went right on my TBR. Our main character and her fiancee aren’t together anymore, but haven’t told their friends. They don’t want to ruin the yearly trip they go on, so they pretend to still be together. I wonder how the forced proximity will get them closer again.

Death of a Bookseller – Alice Slater (April 25th)

This is an adult thriller and it sounds so so good. The main character is a crime junkie and works at a bookstore. She becomes obsessed with her colleague after finding out she likes true crime as well. The synopsis says the book raises ethical questions about the fervor for true crime and how we handle stories that don’t belong to us and as a true crime fan I’m so excited to see how it’s done.


So these are the books we’re excited about releasing in April! What are you looking forward to? Did we miss any books you think we need to know about? Let us know in the comments. We always love new book recommendations!

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