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Two weeks ago I shared the bookstores I wanted to visit in Chicago and New York. And of course I couldn’t resist getting a couple books when I was there. I actually got more than I planned haha. Since I was traveling with only a carryon, I had very limited space but I made it work! Let’s take a look!


I went to one bookstore in Chicago, Madison Street Books, and I left with two books. One of them had been on my wishlist for a long time and the other one just sounded super interesting. The first book is My Sister, the Serial Killer, the bookseller told me she loved the book so I have really high hopes haha. And the second book is Cramm This Book, it sounded really interesting and I love knowing things. It’s about a ton of current problems in the world and how they started. I can’t wait reading a chapter her and there.

New York

I went to 5 bookstores in New York, 3 I planned, 1 I found on the way to another one and 1 I was sent to by a bookseller haha. The first two I visited were in Brooklyn, they were great but I didn’t get any books. Most books I was interested in were hardcovers and I just couldn’t fit those in my carryon haha.

Next up was the Strand but right before I got there I saw a Forbidden Planet. That was one of my favorite bookstores in London so I had to take a look. After being asked if someone could help me multiple times I asked if they had something similar to Fence. They didn’t but after a while the guy came apologising that he couldn’t help me and mentioned a manga that I might like; Haikyu!. It was a perfect recommendation and later that day I wanted to get the next volume as well haha. They unfortunately didn’t have it, but the guy sent me to another bookstore that might have it. I found a manga heaven and could’ve spent so much money there. In the end I got the next two volumes.

I also visited the Strand and there I got a signed copy of The Lying Woods. And I totally forgot to mention I also got two graphic novels at Forbidden Planet; Monsters vol. 4 and The Wicked + the Divine vol. 2. All in all a great haul I would say! I have only read two books I acquired so far, but I plan on reading a lot more very soon. What do you think of my haul? And which book should I read next? Let me know in the comments!

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