Bookish Item | Bookstores to visit in Chicago & New York

While on this trip I obviously want to visit some bookstores! My weekend in Chicago was pretty booked (pun intended) but there was a small opening on Monday to hope into a bookstore. And since the friend I’m staying with in New York has to work during the day, I’ll have all the time browsing bookstore. With only carry on luggage, I have to be mindful of what I buy but I’m sure I can fit in a book or 2.


Madison Street Books

I saw this bookstore my second day in Chicago, it’s super close to my friends apartment. And he had gotten books there before so I knew I had to take a look. It was a pretty small bookstore but they had a great selection of books. I loved browsing the shelves so much. And I couldn’t resist getting two books, it’s a great memory of this city and this weekend. I decided to go for thin books so they wouldn’t take up too much room. The seller said she loved one of my picks so I have high hopes! Will share all the books I got in a different post once I’m back home.

New York

The Strand

I have visited this one when I was in New York the first time but the friend I was with isn’t a reader so I couldn’t spend much time there. This time I’m planning on spending hours haha. I remember it was really big and they had so many books. It will be wonderful just browsing the aisles. The prices were also great, I’m pretty sure the books were all second hand so I’m basically saving money right?

Books of Wonder

I visited this one last time as well. They have a ton of signed books, mostly ya books. I got a couple last time and I probably won’t get any this time as they mostly had hardbacks. There is no way I can fit those in my carry on haha. But it will be fun to take a quick peek to see what they currently have.

The Center for Fiction

This one is located in Brooklyn and close to the place I’m staying at. So of course I will have to take a look. From what I saw online this looks like a pretty big bookstore so I’m excited to spend some time here!!

Greenlight Bookstore

This is another one that is located close to where I’m staying. It looks like it’s in a really nice building and I do love a beautiful bookstore. There are multiple locations but I will visit the one in Brooklyn.

So all in all I have a pretty big list of stores I want to go to this week. During the weekdays I’ll be by myself so I have all the time to browse the aisles in these stores. Have you ever visited any of these? And do you have any other NY bookstore I absolutely have to go to? Let me know in the comments!

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