Bookish Item | New to Me Authors to Read in 2023 Part 2

Last week Candyce shared some of the new to her authors she wants to read a book from this year. And I wanted to share some of mine as well! I’ve done a list like this before but still haven’t read books from all of those authors. I’m trying to keep this list small and pick authors & books I think I will actually pick up. Let’s take a look!

Olivie Blake

I have The Atlas Six and I’m so curious! This author become a sensation overnight and I can’t wait to see if the hype is real. If I do enjoy this book there are a couple of other books by Olivie Blake I can pick up. Candyce really enjoy The Atlas Six so that makes me even more excited. Hopefully I can read this one really soon.

Andrea Stewart

I really need to pick up this book and finally read something by this author. For about 2 years now I’m sure I’m going to love this book and this author but I still haven’t read it. The only upside is that I now can pretty much binge the trilogy once I do finally read it. I have really high hopes haha.

S.A. Chakraborty

I’ve owned books by this author for 3,5 years now. It’s embarrassing I still haven’t read any of them. And in about a week the newest book by this author releases and I might be even more excited about that one than I already was about the first trilogy. All this is to say I just really need to pick up these fantasy books and lose myself in the story.

I’ve decided to keep it at three authors and see if I can actually make this happen first. If I do, I might write another post and pick three more authors. But I’ll be impressed if I’ve read something by all three of these authors by the end of the year haha. Which author should I start with? Let me know in the comments!

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