Bookish Item | New to Me Authors to Read in 2023

Last year I wrote a few posts about new to me authors I really wanted to read something by that year and I read almost all of the authors on that list. So I wanted to do that again this year. Let’s take a look at the five new to me authors I want to read something by in 2023!

Rina Kent

From the looks of Rina Kent writes a lot of darker romances and there are a lot to choose from. I decided to pick the newest book in her collection, Blood of My Monster. This is a dark mafia romance and the female main character is pretending to be a man. I have a feeling that’s going to get interesting.

Avery Keelan

As a fan of sports romance Offside was put on my want to read list pretty quickly when I heard about it. Offside is over 600 pages, so I’ll be working on my reading goal for reading bigger books this year.

S. Massery

Another hockey romance I put on my list to read soon and a 600 page one at that. It seems to be a trend lately, haha. If the books are good I’m not complaining though. Brutal Obsession is a dark hate to lover college romance. Sounds like something right up my alley.

Emily McIntire

Emily McIntire is the author of the Never After series. These books are dark fairy tale retellings and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about them. The first book in the series is Hooked and of course a Peter Pan retelling. The villains get happily ever afters. This is going to be interesting.

Lily Gold

Last year I started enjoying the reverse harem/why choose trope. Lily Gold seems to have written a few books with this trope. I got Faking with Benefits for Christmas and I’m excited to dive in. Another big book! Four out of five on this list are over 500 pages, so I can’t say I won’t have anything to read. Faking with Benefits is friends to lovers and fake dating. Sign me up!


What authors are you excited to read something by this year? These are five I want to start out with and I’m sure I’ll have a few more posts like this during 2023!

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