Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | January 2022

It’s the scary time of month when we look back at our bookhaul from the previous year! So it’s time to take a look at our January 2022 bookhaul. Have we read the books we added to our shelves? Keep on reading to find out!


I actually didn’t remember how many books I added to my shelves last January, so it was a pleasant surprise to see there were only 4, haha. But now we have the question if I’ve actually read any of them. Let’s take a look!

Here’s to Us – Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

I actually got Here’s to Us, so I could read this duology back to back, haha. That didn’t happen as you can see. I do need to change this though, because I’m curious about these books.

Ice Planet Barbarians – Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians is a series I’ve heard so much about, but wasn’t sure if it would be for me. I read this one during my vacation last March and I’m honestly still not sure what I read, haha. The second book is still on my shelf, but I haven’t figured out if I plan on giving it a go or unhauling it!

Yes & I Love You – Roni Loren

Yes & I Love You is a book I didn’t read until last October and asked myself why I took so long to read it. Hollyn and Jasper were amazing characters and their story was so amazing! This book is definitely re-read worthy.

What If You & Me – Roni Loren

After loving Yes & I Love You as much as I did, I’m surprised I haven’t read this one yet. I wanted to squeeze it in in January, but I wasn’t able to make that happen. There is already a third book in this series, so I should make sure to read them both back to back.

End Result:
Read: 2/4ā€“ 50%
2/4ā€“ 50%



I didn’t buy any books in January 2022. This is going to happen a couple more times since I’ve been more mindful of the books I still have on my shelves and my eARC’s. There will be a couple of months were I did actually get some books and at least Candyce makes these posts interesting šŸ˜‰

So that’s our looking back at our bookhauls for this month! Are you good at reading the books you buy? Or have you read any of these? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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