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Happy New Year! We’ve said it all year, but 2022 really did fly by. The first of the month means it’s time for us to look back at the previous month. So our first post of the year is our December bookhaul! What books did we get in December? Keep on reading to find out!


As I’m sitting down to type this I definitely get a reminder that tackling my physical TBR next year is going to be a really good idea, haha. December was a month that I mostly received books, so that’s very exciting. I ended up with 23 books! I’m actually really proud of myself, because I only bought two of these myself. I had a couple of books sent by authors, Secret Santa gifts, and the rest were given to me on Christmas morning. Let’s take a look!

Traitor – Hattie Jude

I saw Traitor on bookstagram a few times this year since it released in March (I believe the second and third book are out now as well) and I loved this cover! This year I started reading reverse harems, so this one caught my eye. Hopefully I love it!

Kings of Quarantine – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Since starting Zodiac Academy I’ve been really curious about these authors. They actually have quite the backlist. Kings of Quarantine also has a pandemic, so I’ve been on the fence, but after hearing so many amazing reviews, it’s time to give it a try! There are four books in this series and they’re all out now.

Unanimity – Alexandra Almeida

Unanimity is a book I wasn’t familiar with, but there is going to be a blog tour for this. I keep saying I want to read more science fiction, so 2023 will be off to a great start.

Recursion – Blake Crouch

I’ll be going to my first in person book club next Saturday and our book is Recursion. I just mentioned wanting to read more science fiction. That’s two in one month! Blake Crouch is an author I’ve heard a lot about, so I’m hoping I love it!

Midnight Kisses – Jeanine Bennedict

Midnight Kisses is actually a book I kept seeing on booktube. The cover is stunning and I saw that there were playlists and text messages in the book (I love that kind of thing). This is a coach’s daughter romance. I love sports romance!

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife – Ashley Winstead

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife is a book I’ve wanted to read since I heard about it in 2021 when it released. It’s a book I’ve seen everywhere. I would love to read some more thrillers and I’m hoping to love this one as much as I think I will.

Anastasia – Sophie Lark

I don’t remember too much about Anastasia, but this one is a retelling. I wanted the physical book, because there are beautiful illustrations. The paperback is floppy and that makes me very happy! This book has been getting mixed reviews, so I’m curious to see what I end up thinking of it.

The Bone Spindle – Leslie Vedder

TBR and Beyond Tours is hosting a tour for The Severed Thread in January. The Bone Spindle is the first book in this trilogy. Leslie Vedder offered to send everyone the e-book of The Bone Spindle, but I couldn’t get it so she offered a physical copy. This is a genderbent Sleeping Beauty retelling and I’m curious. I hope to read both of the books in January!


Christmas was a lot of fun and I received 15 books Christmas morning! I was definitely spoiled and I’m excited to read these all!

Accidentally Amy – Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Accidentally Amy was actually a weekly newsletter story that she self-published when it was done. I read a couple of the chapters, but I’m excited to have the physical copy and to read it in one go!

King of Wrath – Ana Huang

So I haven’t read the Twisted Love series yet and I believe this is a spinoff. But King of Wrath sounded like a book I’d end up loving and the cover definitely caught my eye! This is a darker romance, but sounds amazing.

The War of Two Queens – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Even though I’m still a bit behind with this series I really wanted to have The War of Two Queens on my shelf. I’m determined to get caught up in 2023. One of my goals is to read bigger books and these are all over 600 pages, so I’ll definitely be working on that one.

A Brush with Love – Mazey Eddings

So I actually had an eARC of the sequel in this series and even have one of the third book now. These can actually be read as standalones, but I love understanding the things we see about the previous characters as the series continues. A Brush with Love is a book that sounds right up my alley. I’ll be able to binge this series.

The Charm Offensive – Alison Cochrun

I actually started the audiobook of The Charm Offensive, but it wasn’t holding my attention. That often means I need to read a book physically. The Charm Offensive is a book about a character on a reality dating show that seems to fall in love with someone behind the scenes. I read Kiss Her Once for Me by this author this year and enjoyed it. I’m excited to read more by Alison Cochrun.

Drunk On Love – Jasmine Guillory

A one night stand that was supposed to be just one night seems to get awkward when they find out they’ll be working together, because he was recently hired to the company. In reviews readers mention this is a lighthearted romance and I definitely need those from time to time.

Love & Other Words – Christina Lauren

Love & Other Words is a Christina Lauren book I’ve been wanting to read all year. I decided to put it on my wishlist after the cover change. I’ll actually be reading this one in January and I have some high expectations.

Four Aunties and a Wedding – Jesse Q. Sutanto

Dial A for Aunties was over the top, but it was so much fun! I laughed out loud a lot while reading that book, so of course I need to read the next book. I’ll definitely be picking this one up when I need a lighthearted read.

Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail – Ashley Herring Blake

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care is one of my favorite 2022 reads and I’ve been so excited about the next book. Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail follows Astrid and after we learned more about her in Delilah’s book I want her to have her own happy story. This is another book I’ll be reading in January.

Faking With Benefits – Lily Gold

Fake dating and a reverse harem? This combination is one I think is going to make me very happy. I’ve heard amazing things about Lily Gold’s book and this is going to be the first one for me to try out. It’s almost 600 pages, so I’ll be with these characters for quite some time.

A Cosmic Kind of Love – Samantha Young

Our main character finds videos from our other main character and starts writing emails to his NASA email address that isn’t used anymore. She never expects those emails to actually be sent to him and I’m curious to see how this romance continues.

After I Do – Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m slowly working my way through Taylor Jenkins Reid’s backlist and After I Do is one I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about. This author can be an emotional storyteller and I have a feeling this one will also hit in all the feels.

Meet Me in the Margins – Melissa Ferguson

I love books that are about books! Meet Me in the Margins is one of these books. Our main character accidentally leaves her secret manuscript behind and when she comes to grab it there are comments in the margins!

If the Shoe Fits – Julie Murphy

I’m a fan of retellings and this Cinderella retelling is one I’ve been wanting to read for so long! Julie Murphy is an author I’ve only read a few books by, but definitely want to read more.

The Atlas Paradox – Olivie Blake

Even though I still have to read The Atlas Six, I decided to add The Atlas Paradox to my wishlist. I’m hoping to read them back to back really soon. I love how this book has illustrations and I’m curious to see how they interact with the stories.


Happy New Year! Usually I add a ton of books in December but I tried to restrain myself by not asking for books this Christmas. And I only got a couple so let’s take a quick look!

The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, and Get More Done – Terry Matlen

With a recent diagnosis of ADHD I’m finding myself drawn to read some more about it. And this book (that I got in Dutch) seems like it reads easily. I also love that is written specifically for women, as ADHD does present different in women compared to men.

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – Florence Given

A friend gifted me this one and I love it. It’s super colorful, looks gorgeous and also has some great messages. This is not a book I’ll read super quickly, but I love reading a chapter here and there.

A couple of (beautiful) puzzle books

I love doing puzzles, and I’ve gotten a couple of amazing puzzle books. They’re all different but they all have really good puzzles. Some are extremely beautiful, some puzzles are harder than others. But I’m super happy with all of them!

So that’s our December bookhaul! What books did you add to your shelves in December? Any you plan on reading right away? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. So many of these look so good! I’m basically always excited to see illustrated romance covers.

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