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With a little more than a week left in 2022, it’s time for us to start thinking about what we want to work on next year when it comes to reading! Every year we set a few reading goals and will do this again for the coming year. We don’t always succeed, but that’s something we’ll talk about in a couple of weeks, haha. So keep on reading if you want to hear about our 2023 reading goals!


Even if I don’t succeed at all of my goals every year, I love setting up a list of things I want to work on. It has helped me with a few things, but there are definitely some that need some extra attention.

Goodreads Challenge

As I’m typing this I’ve read 192  books and I’m always done with 3 books. So I’m hoping I’ll still hit 200. Setting my goal to 100 this year was really nice. There wasn’t as much pressure to read really quickly and let me enjoy reading more.

Netgalley Feedback Ratio

As a lot of you know, I help run TBR and Beyond Tours. Since doing this my Netgalley has gotten out of control, because I also get the ARCs for the tours we host. That’s why I decided to start another Netgalley account to only request the books I really want to read and hopefully be able to get my ratio to a place I’m really happy with. I’m really hoping to get to 80% next year. At the moment, I’m at 25%. Here’s hoping I’m at least at 80% at the end of next year.

Physical TBR

This is also a goal on this list every year, but for the first time I have actual numbers, haha. I wanted to make a TBR jar, but even I knew that would be a big task. At the moment I’m typing this I own 675 books and 411 of them are unread. So next year I’ll be picking 3 random ones to read every month, but hopefully I’ll get to more. I’m also going to try and only buy books I’ll be reading right away.

Reading Bigger Books

Last year this was a goal of mine was to read more bigger books. I tend to love the 500+ page books, but when wanting to read a lot I’ll ignore them. This year I’ve read 15 books that are longer than 500 pages and I read 37 books between 400 and 500 pages. Let’s hope I can make that number higher next year.

Less Blog Tours

As I said I want to concentrate on my physical TBR, so next year I want to make sure I sign up for less blog tours. So many new releases sound amazing, but I also like reading without a lot of pressure. Having to read before a certain date doesn’t always work for me.

Finish 12 series

This is a goal I’ve been failing the last few years, but with me wanting to read more of my physical TBR hopefully I’ll also be able to finish more of the series I’ve already started. We’ll see how it goes!


I’ve been failing miserably at my reading goals hahah. However, I do love setting goals and they definitely can help me in certain areas. I hope to have more time to read next year but I also want to make it a little easier on myself. Let’s take a look at the goals I set for 2023.

Goodreads Challenge

This one I’ve been setting at 100 books for the last couple of years but unfortunately it’s been too much. I want to set it at 52 books, so one book a month. That seems a lot more doable and it would be great to finally reach a goal again haha.

Netgalley Feedback Ratio

I wanted to get my feedback ratio up to 65% in 2022, spoiler alert, I didn’t manage that haha. In the end I want to get to 80% but that’s not likely to happen in one year. I did a bit of calculating and I think it might be somewhat realistic to get it to 50% in 2023.

Physical TBR

This is another one I keep failing at haha. I think my main goal is to end the year with less unread books than I start the year with. Since I think I’ll only read about 50 book, I think it would be nice to read 25 books from my physical TBR. I would love to get it below 200 but that might also mean I have to unhaul some books. There are a couple I don’t think I will ever read at this point.

Big Books

I’ve been pretty good at reading big books this year, so far I’ve read about 13 books that have over 500 pages. Considering I haven’t read that many books in general, I was pleasantly surprised. So I would love to read more big books this year, but at least 12 would be great.

Finish 6 Series

I keep trying to finish 12 series and I never do. This year I’ve done pretty well compared to previous years but 12 is just way too much haha. Maybe I can try and finish 6 series in 2023. It might be something I could actually achieve, especially if I combine it with other reading goals.

So that’s we want to work on in 2023! Have you set any reading goals yet? If you have, let us know in the comments!

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