Bookish Item | 3 Weeks, 3 Books?

We have about three more weeks to go in 2022, a little less but with the holidays coming up I’m counting it either way haha. I would love to cross off a couple more books and get a little closer to completing my reading challenge. It seems doable to read 3 more books, although I would love to read 6 more haha. Let’s take a look at the books I plan on reading to at least reach 1 goal.

Five Survive – Holly Jackson

I’m currently reading Five Survive and I’m sure I will finish this one before the end of the year. Probably even before the end of the week. It’s an exciting read and I’m over 75% so i have high hopes haha. I can’t wait to find out how it ends.

Death Note Black Edition vol. VI – Tsugumi Ohba

This one I have to read! It’s a quick read, I would cross off a series as finished and it’s a book from my physical TBR. I also really want to know how this story ends and I would like to watch the movie or show. This is probably one I will read as soon as I’m off work next week. Time to enjoy the holidays with a good book ;).

The Cousins – Karen McManus

I already started this one although I didn’t come that far. It’s a YA mystery and it isn’t super big so I expect to finish it pretty quickly. I really enjoy these types of books but like I’ve said before I do want to find out if this one is a bit different from Karen’s usual books. There are so many books to read so I don’t want to read the same thing over and over, so this might be my last Karen McManus.

A quick post today haha. But these are the 3 books I at least hope to read before the year ends. Hopefully I can squeeze 3 more in, that way my challenge will end with 52 books read. It hasn’t been this low in years but that would still make it 1 book a week haha. How many books have you read? And what book do you want to end the year with? Let me know in the comments!

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