Show Sunday | First Impression: Reasonable Doubt

I was looking for a new show to watch when I came across Reasonable Doubt on Disney+. Legal dramas can be super interesting and entertaining, especially when it isn’t clear whether someone is guilty or innocent. So I decided to give this show a try. I’ve currently watched 4 out of 9 episodes. The perfect time to evaluate if I enjoy it and if I want to continue watching it, so let’s take a look!

Jax Stewart juggles work, family, friends, and a complicated personal life as a brilliant and fearless defense attorney in Los Angeles who bucks the justice system every chance she gets.

Like I said, this show currently has one season consisting of 9 episodes. The episodes are all around 50 minutes, maybe a little bit longer. We follow Jax as she takes on one specific case. And we see a lot (a lot) of her personal life.

When I started watching this I didn’t completely know what I was getting myself into haha. I wasn’t sure whether this show would follow one case or if it was going to be one case per episode. While I don’t really mind it either way, I do enjoy one case per season as you dive in deeper, get more twists and it usually remains a mystery whether the client is guilty until the end.

The other thing I didn’t know, was the focus on Jax’ life. I love seeing some scenes from the personal lives, it just gives a show and it’s characters a lot more depth. And I come to care about the characters a lot more. But there is a big focus on her personal life here, and I wouldn’t necessarily say I came to care for her more. Jax is definitely a complicated character.

Jax isn’t really a likeable character. I usually like that a lot, as those characters tend to be so much more interesting. But there is just something about Jax that is off putting to me. I don’t like the decisions the makes, which can be okay, but there was hardy a moment I did like her. There are of course more characters than just Jax, and I did like most of them.

This show has a lot of Black culture in it, something I enjoyed a lot. And the show is probably made with Black people in mind, so take my review with a grain of salt! At this point I’m a little on the fence. I don’t like Jax and think the focus on her personal life isn’t in balance with any of the legal parts. But at the same time, I do think the case is very compelling and some of the side stories are very interesting as well. So for now I will watch a couple more episodes, probably the whole show if I’m being honest haha. The first episode started with something that will happen in the last episode and I do want to know what’s going on so I guess that was a smart choice from the creators haha.

Have you seen this show? Had you heard of it? What are your thoughts, do you want to watch it or would you recommend it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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