Bookish Beginnings on Friday | Survive Five – Holly Jackson

We have a lot of eARC’s and we want to promote them a little bit more. So we decided to do some more Bookish Beginnings On Friday. Today I want to take a look at Five Survive. I was super excited to get my hands on this eARC as I loved Holly’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series. Naturally I have high hopes for this one, so let’s take a look and see if it starts any good.

The brand new unmissable crime thriller from Holly Jackson, best-selling, award-winning author of the Good Girl’s Guide to Murder trilogy.

Eight hours.
Six friends.
One sniper . . .

Eighteen year old Red and her friends are on a road trip in an RV, heading to the beach for Spring Break. It’s a long drive but spirits are high. Until the RV breaks down in the middle of nowhere. There’s no mobile phone reception and nobody around to help. And as the wheels are shot out, one by one, the friends realise that this is no accident. There’s a sniper out there in the dark watching them and he knows exactly who they are. One of the group has a secret that the sniper is willing to kill for.

A game of cat-and-mouse plays out as the group desperately tries to get help and to work out which member of the group is the target. Buried secrets are forced to light in the cramped, claustrophobic setting of the RV, and tensions within the group will reach deadly levels. Not everyone will survive the night.

Here and not. Red and black. One moment there, another gone. Her face in the glass. Disappearing in the light of incoming headlights, reappearing in the dark of outside. Gone again. The window kept her face for its own. Good, it could keep it. Back, the window didn’t want it either.

Mmmm, this isn’t giving us that much, is it? It’s not a bad start, but it isn’t one that grabs me right away either. I’m not sure what’s happening or where the story is taking us first. What I will say, I like the writing style based on this first paragraph. Of course I also know Holly’s style from her previous series but that doesn’t always mean something for the next book. Based on this I’m optimistic that I will like her writing style in this book.

Like I said, this first paragraph doesn’t give us much. So I’m having a hard time anticipating on what I expect from here. I really enjoy the synopsis and based on that I do have high expectations but if I had only read this first paragraph, I wouldn’t be that excited I think. Hopefully it still is good!

Had you heard of this book? Are you excited for the release next week? And have you read more by Holly Jackson? Let me know in the comments down below!

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