Show Sunday | New 2022 Fall Shows I’ve Started

A little while ago I shared the new fall shows I was excited about. And by now I have seen the first couple of episodes of some of these shows. Of course I wanted to share my first thoughts with you and I will decide whether I’ll continue watching them or not. So let’s jump in!


As a Nashville fan I was super excited for this one. And like Nashville there is a lot of drama right from the start haha. I will say this also has some very predictable plot lines and unfortunately the country music is all covers so far. Hopefully there will be original songs later on. While the show isn’t great, I do enjoy it and it will probably be a bit of a guilty pleasure for now.


Fire Country

I love shows with fire fighters, cops, first responders etc., so of course I was interested in this one. The plot so far is very interesting and I definitely want to keep on watching. There are some great actors in here but there are also some weird storylines and dialogue that isn’t great. I hope it will get better in future episodes. There are some amazing shows out there with first responders so this one has to be either really good or really different from them for me to continue watching this long term.


So Help Me Todd

This is actually great! I really liked the trailer but I didn’t expect to enjoy the show this much to be honest. It’s a funny procedural drama I would say and so far I enjoy where the show is going. I’d say it’s more funny than a drama but it’s not a comedy either. There are new cases every episode and overall there is the family dynamic. Hopefully we’ll get some cases that will take a couple of episodes in the future.


The Winchesters

As a Supernatural fan this was a must watch. I enjoyed what we saw of Mary and John in the original show and I was curious to see what they would do with them in here. As we already know some of their history I didn’t know how much they could do. So far it’s very enjoyable and I will watch it for now. The acting isn’t always great but I really like the new characters we have been introduced to. Hopefully it’ll get better and better like the original!


These are the new fall shows I’m currently watching. Have you watched the first episode(s) of one or more of these? I would love to hear your thoughts about them! Are you planning on watching one of them? Let me know in the comments!

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