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With about two more months before the end of the year I was taking a look at how many books I could realistically read. There is no way I’m going to meet my goal for the year but I have set a new goal for myself based on the amount of books my spreadsheet says I will be reading. That means I’m going to try and read 10 more books. And today I wanted to share which books those might be. So let’s jump in!


Death Note Black Edition vol. VI – Tsugumi Ohba

There is no doubt in my mind that I will be reading this one soon. It is the last in the series so I will both be reading something from my TBR and finish a series when I read this one. And I also really want to know how the story ends haha. It has been quite the ride and I’m happy I never spoiled myself with all the movies and shows out there.


Pieces of Her – Karin Slaughter

After getting back to Karin’s stories I got really excited and immediately wanted to pick up another one. I picked this one because I also want to watch the Netflix show. The Trent and Sara series is my favorite so I also want to go back to that one but it has to wait a little bit longer until I have read Pieces of Her first.


Before the Devil Breaks You – Libba Bray

After getting back to the Diviners series with Lair of Dreams I wanted to continue reading the series. It’s nice to know the details before diving into book 3 and I’m currently really motivated because I enjoyed the second book so much. Once it’s been a while I know it will be harder for me to get back into the series and that is such a shame. So far this has been great and I’ve heard amazing things about this sequel.


The Mysterious Benedict Society – Trenton Lee Stewart

I got this book last year in Paris and I have been wanting to read it ever since. However, since I saw there was a tv show now I figured I should read it rather sooner than later. I would love to watch the tv show but of course I want to read at least the first book in the series before starting the show. It’s been awhile since I read a MG book and I’m excited to dive back into it with this one.


The Cousins – Karen McManus

I love reading YA mysteries. It seems like I just can’t get enough. And this one has been on my TBR for a bit now. Karen seems to follow a certain pattern in her books and I’m curious to see if she starts to deviate from the pattern in this one. If not, this might be my last Karen McManus for awhile. However, I’m still excited to read this one and I also think it will be a very fast read.



Never Ever Getting Back Together – Sophie Gonzalez

After writing the anticipated releases post earlier this week I realised this one was releasing very soon. Somehow I had it in my mind that this was releasing in December and I would have a bit longer. Now that I know it is releasing soon, I plan on starting it even sooner. I have really high hopes and I would love to read it before the release date. Candyce wants to read this one as well so maybe we’ll do a buddyread!


Killers of a Certain Age – Deanna Raybourn

I’m currently reading this one! It’s starting off pretty good and I’m very excited to read what happens next. The big plot point that is mentioned in the synopsis hasn’t happened yet but I’m sure it will happen very soon. And I think the story will get only more exciting from there. Maybe I’ll also finally pick up my other Deanna Raybourn book after finishing this one haha.


Gallant – V.E. Schwab

I’m already 40% into this one so I should really finish it soon. This one was just super unlucky because I do enjoy what I’ve read so far. Unfortunately this year just hasn’t been great for my reading and that shows with not finishing books I’ve started. I love V.E. Schwab and I feel really bad I haven’t finished this one yet, before the end of the year though!


Lost in the Moment and Found – Seanan McGuire

I already started this one as well but I’m not that far into it yet. It’s also pretty short so I should be able to finish it soon after actually starting it again. This series is great, even though some of the later instalments were a bit lacking for me. I did love the last one though so I have good hopes for this one. It’s always exciting to try the newest book in this series and I can’t wait to talk to people about it.


The Righteous – Renee Ahdieh

I really enjoy this series and I have read a little bit of this third instalment. It is about time I continue reading this one. The final book in the series will release in 2023 so it would be great if I have read this one before then. This is a vampire book, but a lot different than the kind of vampire book I was expecting and I personally appreciated it a lot. I know it got quite some mixed reviews but I’m excited to continue the series (and finish it next year).


These are the 10 books I would pick out to read right now. We all know I’m a mood reader and there is a big chance I will pick up other books in a week or 2 but I’m super curious to revisit this list early January to see if I did actually read this. What do you think? Will I stick to this TBR or read completely different books? Let me know in the comments!

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