Review| On the Subject of Unmentionable Things – Julia Walton

On the Subject of Unmentionable Things is a book that brings important things to light. Sex education is a subject that’s discussed often about how it should be given at school. How far should you go to get the truth? I’ve seen people suggest this book for fans of the TV show Sex Education, so I was very curious! Keep on reading to find out more about this book and what I thought.

A girl rewrites sex education, one viral post at a time, in this fiercely honest and delightfully awkward novel by the award-winning author of Words on Bathroom Walls.

Phoebe Townsend is a rule follower . . . or so everyone thinks. She’s an A student who writes for her small-town school newspaper. But what no one knows is that Phoebe is also Pom—the anonymous teen who’s rewriting sex education on her blog and social media.

Phoebe is not a pervert. No, really. Her unconventional hobby is just a research obsession. And sex should not be a secret. As long as Phoebe stays undercover, she’s sure she’ll fly through junior year unnoticed. . . .

That is, until Pom goes viral, courtesy of mayoral candidate Lydia Brookhurst. The former beauty queen labels Phoebe’s work an “assault on morality,” riling up her supporters and calling on Pom to reveal her identity. But Phoebe is not backing down. With her anonymity on the line, is it all worth the fight?

Julia Walton delivers a brutally honest novel about sex, social media, and the courage to pursue truth when misinformation is rife. Who knew truth could be so scandalous?


Quite a few reviewers have said that fans of Sex Education will enjoy On the Subject of Unmentionable Things and I have to say they were right. This book was a great mix of humor, serious subjects, going after what you believe in and finding love. Sex education in schools is always a tricky subject. Some schools only teach abstinence when our youth really needs more. The author did a great job in showing that and also what some teenagers think about and don’t dare to ask.

Our main character, Phoebe, is a good student and writes for her school’s newspaper. She was curious about sex and all of the taboo behind it, so she went after scientific information and research to figure things about. I love that she sticks to the fact, but also shows us that she doesn’t know everything and still has a lot of insecurities and questions herself. It was also really interesting to see her fight to give other teenagers the information they deserve to know.

This book is very sex positive and I truly believe that’s how it should be. I think the mixed media in this book also really helped it speak to the generation now. Also makes things they might be embarrassed to ask about easier to read. Adding the election to this book was interesting and also realistic. Even though our main character tries the town and people don’t change their mind over night. It was also interesting to see the dangers of outing people online and what it can do to someone.

Julia Walton took on a serious subject, but in such a great way. Family dynamics also play a part in this book and the conversation Phoebe has with her mother near the end was one I really appreciated. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for what this author brings us next!

On the Subject of Unmentionable Things is such a good take on sex education, social media, finding the truth, and daring to talk about it. This is an important book for teenagers in my opinion.

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