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One of my reading goals this year is to finish 12 series. That doesn’t seem likely as I’ve only finished one series I already started reading before 2022 so far. But I’m about to finish a second series and I thought that would be the perfect time so take a look at the series I might reasonably finish this year. Let’s jump in!

The Inheritance Games – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
3 books, 1 left – currently reading

This is the book I’m currently reading and I’m very close to finish it. I adore this series and so far I’m loving the book as well. This series did not disappoint and Jennifer Lynn Barnes once again proved to be one of my favourite authors.

Death Note (Black Edition) – Tsugumi Ohba
6 books, 1 left

I recently got a copy of the final book in the Death Note series. This is a manga series and I enjoy it a lot! Once I start reading this one, I will finish it soon. And I’m sure I will pick this one up soon, before I forget the details of the last volume haha.

The Scholomance – Naomi Novik
3 books, 1 left

I can’t wait for the final book to be released! It is probably the release I am most excited for this year. I adored the first two books in the series and I have high hopes for the last book. This one I will pick up as soon as it releases so this is definitely  a series I will finish this year.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson
3 books, 1 left

It’s a little bit embarrassing I haven’t read this one yet haha. I mentioned this one in our Looking Back On Our Bookhaul post, and Candyce did as well. This might be a buddyread soon and I hope it’s as good as the first books in the series.

Mistborn (first era) – Brandon Sanderson
3 books, 1 left – currently reading

This is another one I’m currently reading. It’s a pretty big book and I’m not as far into it as I’m in The Inheritance Games so I’m less sure I will finish this one on time. But it is my plan to finish it this year ;). It’s another buddyread with Candyce and one I’m loving! n’t wait to find out how it all ends.

If I finish these 5 series. I will have finished 6 series this year. Pretty good if you ask me! And also more than I did last year haha. So hopefully I can manage to finish these books, lower my TBR and finish some series. Which one should I pick up first in your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Series I Plan On Finishing This Year

  1. My husband keeps trying to convince me to read Death Note. I think it’s time for me to give it a try. And I hope you love the Mistborn series. The ending killed me, in a good way lol.

  2. I still really want to read The Inheritance Games! I’m waiting to get all the covers–the US ones are really superior to our awful UK ones, haha. I hope you enjoy these!

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