Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases September 2022

How is today the last day of August? It really feels like we were just talking about anticipated August reads. The month really has gone by fast and it’s time to talk about the books releasing in September we’re looking forward to. September tends to be a busy publishing month, so how many books have we added to this list? Keep on reading to see what our anticipated September releases are!

The Sunbearer Trials – Aiden Thomas (September 6th)

This is the start of a new duology, and while I still haven’t read Aiden’s previous book I am excited for this one. I love that this is Mexican inspired and we all know I love a good magical tournament. This sounds like my kind of story!

Killers of a Certain Age – Deanna Raybourn (September 6th)

I’m so curious for this story! And I have pretty high hopes haha. I love spies and assassins, the fact that these assassins are older makes it even better. Since I have an eARC I should start reading this one very soon.

The Weight of Blood – Tiffany D. Jackson (September 6th)

So I haven’t read anything by Tiffany D. Jackson yet, but after hearing so many amazing things about her books this has to change. Her books seems to be a bit darker, but I don’t mind those. I’m not a big horror fan, but The Weight of Blood sounds amazing.

The American Roommate Experiment – Elena Armas (September 6th)

The Spanish Love Deception is a book you still see everywhere and The American Roommate Experiment is the next companion novel in this series. Even though I don’t completely get the hype for the book it was an enjoyable read. Rosie was a character I became curious about while reading this first book and I’m excited for her story.

You’re Invited – Amanda Jayatissa (September 13th)

I recently shared my review for this one as I had an eARC. It was a great read with a satisfying end. I loved the setting and I can’t wait for more readers to pick this one up.

I’m the Girl – Courtney Summers (September 13th)

Courtney’s books leave me with a weird kind of feeling but she keeps drawing me back in. I love the concepts of her books and I think about them long after finishing. Once again this synopsis sounds very intriguing and I can’t wait to pick it up.

Silver Under Nightfall – Ran Chupeco (September 13th)

The early reviews are all over the place I have no idea what to think, but the synopsis sounds definitely interesting. I love a good vampire story and I’m not satisfied yet, I’m sure I can enjoy reading a lot more haha. Hopefully this is one I will love!

Rust in the Root – Justina Ireland (September 20th)

This is a historical fantasy set in the 1930’s. The magic system sounds intriguing and I’m excited to find out how it all works. Looking at the early reviews, I have pretty high hopes for this one. While I haven’t read Dread Nation yet, a lot of people did and those reviews are quite positive as well!

The Kiss Curse – Erin Sterling (September 20th)

The Ex Hex wasn’t my favorite romance when it released, but it was a fun read. The Kiss Cure is the next book and it’s about Gwyn. I loved her character and I’m excited she’s getting a story. Also, I love that the covers match.

When in Rome – Sarah Adams (September 20th)

When I read the synopsis the first thing I thought was that When in Rome could be a Hallmark movie. And I love Hallmark movies, haha. This takes place in a small town and seems like a grumpy/sunshine romance. I’m so excited to read my e-arc at the beginning of the month.

The Golden Enclaves – Naomi Novik (September 27th)

I’ve said it about a couple of books previously but this is another one that might be my highest anticipated book of the year. It’s book 3 in the Scholomance series and I loved the first two. I can’t wait to find out what happens next and I’m going to read this book the second I get my hands on it.

Spells for Lost Things – Jenna Evans Welch (September 27th)

Even though Spells for Lost Things takes place during the summer I definitely think it taking place in Salem, Massachusetts qualifies it as an autumn read. I’ve enjoyed previous books by Jenna Evans Welch and this sounds like another one I’ll love.

Talk Santa to Me – Linda Urban (September 27th)

In all honesty, all I needed to know about this book was the title and see the cover. I’m a big fan of holiday books and I’ll definitely be reading this one. Our main characters gets a second chance at a perfect first kiss. Sounds like a great holiday read.

Mere Mortals – Erin Jade Lange (September 27th)

The sound of two vampires being made mortal and having to go through high school sounds like it’s going to be such a fun read. Mere Mortals is releasing just in time for Halloween.


So these are the books we’re excited about releasing in September! What books are you looking forward to? Any books we missed and need to know about? Let us know what books you’re excited about in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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