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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of books outside of my comfort zone and when I saw the sign ups for Villainous I have to say I was curious. Villainous is definitely a lot darker than anything I’ve read, so please be aware of the triggers. The author lists them at the beginning of the book and on her website. Keep on reading to find out more about this book and my thoughts.

A big thanks to the authors and Peachy Keen for providing me with an e-arc to read and review.

There’s darkness in us all.

For some, it’s persistent and obsessive. For others, it’s a brokenness one can only get from abuse and trauma.

I’m broken, my pieces shattered beyond repair. I’m also in love with two very different men. Hero, the president of a notoriously violent motorcycle club. And Rebel, the lead singer of the most popular rock band in the country. Two best friends who couldn’t be more opposite.

They slowly give me my strength back. Both giving me something I crave, pain and praise. Both loving me so immensely that I can’t help but love myself again.

My new life becomes filled with danger and brutal darkness. My abusive husband will never let me go, and a rival motorcycle club is breathing down our necks. But with my two men beside me, we can take on anything.

One thing I know for sure is that we’re all… positively villainous.


Villainous is a book I couldn’t put down once I started reading it. Please do be aware this is a very dark story and will not be for everyone. Art Sapphire definitely set a tone for the Corpses of Hell MC and I’m very intrigued.

Hero took over the family’s MC when his father was taking it a way he didn’t care for and something his grandfather never would’ve tolerated. He’s been through a lot of abuse and just wants his “family” safe and happy. Rebel is Hero’s second and went through just as much trauma if not more and has a dark side he doesn’t think anyone could possibly love.

When something is stolen from them they go after what’s theirs. They never expected to find Maisie. Maisie didn’t have an easy life and when she meets Charlie she thinks she finally found someone who will love her. That changes once they’re married and she’s abused daily. She never expects to make it out alive when she’s found tied to a bed after Charlie has stolen from another MC. But life takes a different turn.

I’m honestly not the type of person that love instalove and that kind of feels this way with Rebel, Hero, and Maisie, but in this story it just worked. All of them have a dark past and aren’t really sure if they’re worth loving. Coming together Maisie makes them both realize their dark pasts and dark sides don’t define them. Villainous made me laugh and cry, but it was so good! My only complaint would be the ending felt a bit rushed, but other than that I loved Villainous!

Also, I loved the rockstar aspect of this story and the lyrics we got to see a few times. There are quite a few side characters in this book I’m curious about and I can’t wait for more books in this world. Art Sapphire is a new author for me to keep an eye on!


Art Sapphire definitely took me on a ride with Villainous and I definitely want more in this world. We know that there will be a second book and I’m excited to pick it up.

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