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Novellas are always a hit or miss for me, but when I heard about Denise Williams’ Airport Novellas I was really curious. So I sat down and read The Love Connection! What did I think and what is it about? Keep on reading to find out more.

An airport pet groomer meets her frequent flier crush in this captivating romance novella from the acclaimed author of How to Fail at Flirting

Ollie Wright loves the thrill of taking chances, like opening a pet grooming salon in an airport where every day is a little unpredictable. The one thing she won’t risk is her heart, so catching glimpses of a cute stranger from afar is enough romantic entanglement for her.

Bennett Baker is a professional risk assessor by day while writing popular romance novels at night, except he finds himself facing writer’s block. His life of carefully planned stability comes crashing down when he rescues a slippery pup in the airport and returns it to the enchanting pet groomer whose laugh inspires him to start writing again.

Their chance encounter and instant chemistry thrusts them into a whirlwind of airport dates at pretzel kiosks, stolen glances at empty gates, and late-night texts that leave them swooning. If the risk-adverse Bennett can take a chance on uncertainty and adventurous Ollie will break her own rule, their relationship might stop taxiing and actually take off.


Denise Williams created a sweet and romantic story in less than 200 pages. Not many others that do this write the stories I enjoy, so I was pleasantly surprised. And I never expected the airport to be a place where a romance would develop, but I guess it can happen anywhere.

Ollie is such a fan character. I love her enthusiasm for her pet grooming company at the airport. I never would’ve expected this to be such a popular idea, but I can understand that it works. She loves romance, but isn’t sure about love herself. So she secretly keeps an eye on a man she sees at the airport every week. It’s clear Ollie is trying to protect her heart, but I love seeing her try to let her guard down.

Bennett isn’t a risk taker. Certain things in life make him careful. Even being a successful romance author doesn’t make him take a chance on his career, but he keeps himself busy by working a lot and writing at night. That is until he gets writers’ block and his encounter with Ollie seems to bring him back to his story. I love that the male character in this story is a successful romance author. I don’t think it’s something I’ve seen a lot in books.

I loved Bennett and Ollie’s first encounter. It felt genuine and not rushed and that surprised me with this novella being under two hundred pages. I felt their chemistry and the doubts and feelings holding them back. The grand gesture at the end made me smile. Ollie definitely became more than just Bennett’s muse.

All in all, The Love Connection was great and I’m excited for the next two novellas. This one had some fun side characters, so I’m hoping to see more of them. Denise Williams is now an author I want to read more by. Time to look up her backlist.

The Love Connection was a novella I really adored. Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve loved a longer story about these two, but Denise Williams gave me just enough to make this story great. I’ll definitely be reading The Missed Connection & The Sweetest Connection soon. Do you like novellas? Have any favorites? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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